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What the drainage company does

Damaged sewer

Sometimes a sewer system stops working because the sewer connection on government-owned land is damaged or subsiding. The drainage company can inspect this using a sewer camera and make a video. The drainage company cannot solve the problem for you, that is done by the local authority. Contact the local authority once the drainage company has taken a video of the damaged or subsiding connection.

Are the costs covered?

If the sewer connection is indeed damaged or subsiding, the local authority will reimburse your costs. You will need the report and video from the drainage company to have your costs reimbursed. You will find more information on the page “Holding the local authority liable”. (In Dutch only.)

Applying for a sewer connection

File a report on the home, work and living environment .

Is there a blockage in the sewer or do you want to empty your septic tank or cesspool?

You have to arrange this yourself, it will cost you money. You can call in a drainage company for this purpose.

Urgent situations outside office hours

Contact the police They will contact the local authority’s fault clearance service.

More information

More information is available from Stichting Rioned on subjects such as:

  • Blockages.
  • Odour from the sewer.
  • Locating the sewer.
  • How the sewer works.

If you have any questions after viewing the Rioned Foundation website, please contact the local authority.


You pay local tax (sewer levy) for the collection, discharge and purification of rainwater.

Laws and regulations

  • Environmental Management Act
  • Water Act
  • Buildings Decree 2012
  • Water and sewers programme 2023-2027.

The City of Leeuwarden’s laws and regulations are available for viewing via the National Digital Database Overheid.nl.