Quick to:

Is it urgent?

  • Is the local authority open? Contact the City of Leeuwarden.
  • Is the local authority closed? Contact the police on telephone number 0900-8844.

Foundation damage?

The foundation is the structure on which a building rests. Damage may be caused if the foundation is no longer strong enough to support the building. Cracks and subsidence may occur, or the building could even collapse. File your report via the Foundation office.

Do you report regularly?

If you regularly file reports, create a link on your phone or tablet.

Android smartphone/tablet

  • Open the Chrome browser.
  • Go to meldingen.leeuwarden.nl.
  • Press the three dots at the top right.
  • Press ‘Install app’ of ‘Add to start menu’.
  • Enter a name.
  • Press ‘Add’.
  • Press ‘Add’ again.


  • Open the Safari browser.
  • Go to meldingen.leeuwarden.nl.
  • At the bottom (iPad top), tap the share button (square with upward arrow).
  • Tap ‘Add to start screen’.
  • Tap the name to adjust it if necessary.
  • Tap ‘Add’.

Fine for fly tipping and putting out waste at the wrong place

Is waste presented too early, placed somewhere or dumped where it does not belong or is not allowed? This will then be cleaned up by enforcers from the City of Leeuwarden and Omrin employees.

Does the waste appear to be yours?

You will then receive a fine of €144.01. This fine is sent from the City of Leeuwarden.

More information about fines and their amount?

Visit the website of Boetebase.

Filing a complaint

Do you have an unpleasant experience with the municipality? Is your letter not answered? Do you feel that you have not been helped properly? You can choose to file a complaint digitally.

Are you unable or unwilling to submit a complaint digitally?

  • Download and complete the complaint form. Send the form by post to the City of Leeuwarden. You can also hand it in at the Town Hall.
  • Or call 14 058.
  • Or go to the Town Hall in person.
  • Or send a letter to the City of Leeuwarden.

How long does the processing take?

It will take a maximum of six weeks to settle your complaint. That period can be extended once by four weeks. In that case, you will receive a letter.

Disagree with the handling?

Ask the National Ombudsman for help. This is only possible once the City of Leeuwarden has accepted your complaint for processing and settled it. The complaint must already have been handled.

Annual report on complaints

In the annual report you will find an overview of our complaints and how we deal with them: