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The waste collection level has two parts

The waste collection fee consists of a fixed and variable (changing) amount.

What you pay depends on how much and how frequently you deposit residual waste. You can influence the variable amount by separating your waste. You pay less if you separate your waste properly and deposit less residual waste.

The amounts are given on the Waste collection level page under the ‘Charges’ heading.

Litter (Schone Buurtpas) and medical waste

More information on cleaning up litter and the Schone Buurtpas (clean neighbourhood pass) is provided on the Cleaning up litter in your neighbourhood page.

If you are suffering from a chronic illness or a medical condition that means you produce extra medical waste, you can apply for an allowance for part of your waste collection levy.

Remission and the new waste collection policy

Are eligible for remission? We will exempt you from the standing charge this year.

The maximum for the variable amount is € 59.12. You can influence the variable amount by separating your waste.

Have you deposited waste for a higher amount?

You will not be granted the remission for that amount. You will have to pay it yourself. You will receive the bill for the variable amount in 2024.

Do you have any questions?

You will find more information and FAQs at the website Goed terecht in Leeuwarden. You will also find waste separation tips there.