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Westersingel redevelopment

We are giving Westersingel and Pier Panderstraat a makeover. This is necessary because the asphalt of the road is deteriorating. We also want to reduce the speed limit to 30 km per hour. We are happy to engage with residents about the redevelopment of the streets.

Working group

We want to work on the redevelopment with representatives from the neighbourhood (in the form of a working group). Local residents will receive a letter providing more information in early April.


  • Spring 2023
    In April/May, we will repair the damage to the existing asphalt. This is necessary to continue using the road normally until the redevelopment.
  • Summer 2023
    Preliminary design completed.
  • Autumn 2023
    Final design to be adopted by the City Executive.
  • Spring 2024
    Start of work.

Traffic measures Alde Leije

We are working on the road safety of the Leijester Hegedyk, Arjen Roelswei and Langedyk in Alde Leije. We are modifying the roads to align more closely to the new 30-kilometre zone.

A draft has been produced in consultation with the working group/village committee and a number of entrepreneurs and farmers. The final design will be presented to residents in September/October. The work is scheduled for autumn 2024.

Redevelopment of Beatrixstraat Leeuwarden

We will be working on Beatrixstraat in Leeuwarden. The road will be broken up for the construction of district heating, sewerage and rain drainage. This allows us to redevelop the road.

A preliminary design of the redevelopment is now in place. Residents were able to report bottlenecks and possible solutions. These have been included in the design as much as possible.

The project is now on hold for a while. Building district heating takes a bit longer than expected. That’s what this redevelopment has to await.

Low-traffic city centre

The north-western part of Leeuwarden city centre has been made low-traffic. This means motor vehicles will in many cases no longer be allowed. More information can be found on page Low-traffic-free city centre.

Cycle paths

The quality of the cycling network is being improved. The 2015 memorandum ‘Leeuwarden Cycling Network’ lists which bicycle connections are being improved.

Through bicycle route Leeuwarden and Heerenveen

We are working on a good cycle connection between Leeuwaren and Heerenveen. The cycle path is 4 metres wide. Much of it is already in place. We have worked near Reduzum and Jirnsum and are continuing towards Leeuwarden.

The cycling route Heerenveen – Leeuwarden (PDF, 2.76 MB) map shows the entire route.

The last part of the cycling route is expected to be taken up within the Middelsee area development.

Good cycling connections in the city

We are working on good cycling connections in the city. We are redeveloping some streets so that cyclists can cycle there safely. We are redeveloping these streets in consultation with residents. We have already redeveloped several streets. They include Azaleastraat and Tsjerk Hiddesstraat.

Maria Louisastraat

On Monday 4 September, we will start work on the redevelopment of Maria Louisa Street. The work will continue until about mid-November. We are carrying out the work in phases to minimise inconvenience to local residents.

  • Phases 1 and 2:       From intersection Emmakade Zuidzijde to junction point Verkorteweg
  • Phase 3:                 Verkorteweg intersection
  • Phase 4:                 From Verkorteweg intersection to Willem Lodewijkstraat.

The diversions will be signposted. The diversion routes are also shown in the July 2023 newsletter.

Trees and shrubs

On Tuesday 18 July, we cut are felling the trees in Maria Louisastraat. Residents cannot park their cars in the street on this day. They can park on the south side Emmakade.  In November, after the street redevelopment, we will plant the new trees and shrubs in the green spaces.


Design of de Maria Louisastraat.

Preliminary design Emmakade Zuidzijde

The Emmakade South Side project was on hold for a while. We cannot work close enough to the quay wall to implement the original plan. This can be done without affecting the quay with a modified plan. This is a preliminary design.

Cycle paths Groeneweg

We are redeveloping part of Groeneweg. This affects the section between Schoenmakersperk and Noorderweg. The work will take place from Monday 4 September to Friday 24 November.

  • The paving of the cycle and footpaths is being renewed.
  • The road will be narrowed to 6 metres wide.
  • The layout of parking spaces and green spaces will be changed.
  • Public lighting is being renewed.


We are redeveloping Cambuurserpad from the Hoeksterend cycle bridge to the intersection with Tjerk Hiddesstraat.

  • The layout will be similar to that of Tsjerk Hiddesstraat. A street with red asphalt and where cars are guests.
  • We are also tackling the intersection with Bleeklaan. There will be a better place for cyclists in the middle.
  • Unfortunately, the existing trees are no longer healthy. These trees will be removed.
  • We are also creating new planting beds. We will plant new trees in them so they can grow better.
  • The number of parking spaces remains the same.
  • There is sometimes flooding on the section before the intersection with Tjerk Hiddesstraat. That is why height differences and the placement of wells are taken into account.

The preliminary design of the redevelopment was submitted to residents on 19 June 2023. We are now working out the final design. We expect to start implementation in spring 2023.


We work on maintaining or building new bridges.

Area development

We are working on area development. This involves redeveloping a larger area.

New housing estate Grut Palma

A new housing estate has been built in Wergea. In October, we will start making Grut Palma ready for people to move in. We will finish the streets, lay the pavements and add new greenery. After this work, the new housing estate Grut Palma will be ready!

Final design to prepare Grut Palma for residential use

Start of work

We will start work on Monday, 16 October. We will work through to the Christmas break. During the winter period, we pause our works. In spring, we will start the last part of the work. All the work will be finished before the summer holidays.

What are we going to do

  • We will repave the last construction roads. We are using the existing bricks for this purpose. This is to promote circularity.
  • We are adding extra greenery by planting new trees and shrubs.
  • We are laying pavements along Palmastjitte and Oan it Alddjip.
  • We are installing new street lights.

The phases

The work will be carried out in 10 different phases. (See the map for more information)
Phases 1 & 2: Narderherne
Phase 3: Floreentsien/ Oan it Alddjip
Phases 4 & 5: Oan it Alddjip
Phases 6, 7, 8 & 9: Palmastrjitte
Phase 10: Keardok

View the phasing schedule chronologically.

The immediate residents will receive a residents’ letter before construction starts. This residents’ letter will give you more information on the exact schedule and any diversion routes.

Newbuild plan ‘Oer de Barten 2’ in Warten

New homes are being built in Warten by Zwanenburg Projecten B.V. on land on the west side of Warten. City of Leeuwarden also has land adjacent to this new housing estate on which they plan to build houses. There is a sketch of the new building plan. This was presented to immediate residents on 20 February and at the general membership meeting of Dorpsbelangen Warten on 9 March. Responses to both meetings were collected and recorded, and some responses were incorporated into the plan.

Types of home

The current concept plan includes both rental and owner-occupied houses, with the owner-occupied houses being detached houses and semi-detached houses on waterways that connect to the Wartenster Wiid. The social housing will be terraced houses and preferably rented through a housing association.

Preliminary draft zoning plan available for viewing

The preliminary draft zoning plan will be available for inspection from 10 August to 20 September 2023. The document Preliminary draft zoning plan Warten – Oer de Barten explains how to view the preliminary draft zoning plan and how to submit a response.

The planning schedule for the coming period is as follows:

  • Preliminary draft zoning plan available for viewing in August and September 2023
  • Draft zoning plan available for viewing in November and December 2023
  • Adoption of zoning plan in early 2024
  • The adopted zoning plan is open to appeal
  • The plan will be made ready for construction after the zoning plan is definitively adopted
  • (Pre)sales and construction can start after the plan is prepared for building

More information

Do you have any questions? If so, send an email to gemeente@leeuwarden.nl or call 14 058 and ask for the project leader Herman van der Maas.

New Integraal Kind Centrum (IKC) site in Lekkum

The school building of De Professor Wassenberghskoalle in Lekkum is too small. A new school building will therefore be built in a new location. The aim is to start using the new school from early 2026.

The study into a suitable location

Consultancy firm ICS Advisors looked into the most suitable location. This was commissioned by the City of Leeuwarden. Consideration was given, for example, to how the IKC fits into the landscape, traffic safety and the impact on the surrounding area and local residents. This study identified the grassland next to the handball field in Lekkum as the most suitable location. Since this land does not belong to the local authority, we must first buy it from the owner. The local authority and the owner are in negotiation on this subject.

Proloog is the building company

Together, the local authority and Proloog have decided that Proloog will be the builder and principal for the construction of the IKC. And the schoolyard/grounds that go with it. The local authority remains responsible for the necessary infrastructure modifications. This includes accessibility, parking and picking up and dropping off children.

Residents have their say

Residents of De Buorren will be involved at an early stage, if the land purchase goes ahead. They will then live opposite the new school building. We are happy to discuss and review with them some concrete options for the new IKC. This includes aspects such as the layout of the square, the placement of the building, traffic or parking. Residents living in the immediate vicinity of the new building will also be enabled to contribute to the design.

Interim solution

The school has been short of space for many years. And some of the pupils are having to be taught in the village hall. The situation is becoming increasingly urgent. A temporary solution for additional spaces is therefore being considered.

Redevelopment of De Kei in Bilgaard

We are working on the development of De Kei in Bilgaard. A draft plan of the area has been produced. This has been discussed with local residents. There will be new sewers and more green space in the neighbourhood. We expect to start me redevelopment after the summer of 2023.

More information on this project can be found in the newsletter.

Development framework Sint Vitusplein Stiens

MFC De Skalm and the library have moved to the old town hall in Stiens, the Nije Skalm. The move will create opportunities to improve St Vitusplein and immediate surroundings. We will seek out opportunities together with the village.

The local authority will make a development framework for this purpose. A development framework is a kind of plan in which we make the frameworks for future developments. The development framework clarifies the content of the area, the desired amenities, new building, the layout and use of the square. It is a kind of blueprint for future plans.

Working sessions

There are 3 working sessions with local residents, business owners and other village stakeholders. The next working session is on 13 November 2023 at the Nije Skalm from 7 pm to 9 pm. The doors open at 6:45 pm. You can sign up until 9 November 2023 by emailing wonen@leeuwarden.nl. There will be an open walk-in evening for the whole village on 11 December 2023. More information will follow on this page.

Join in online!

You can join in online! There is a special website for this. Here you can also make your own model of the square. Feel free to share your ideas with us!


What else are we working on

And possibly more projects on Spatial Plans page (view and comment).

Fibre optic cables

Fibre optic cables will be installed in all villages and neighbourhoods in the City of Leeuwarden. The order in which this will be done is yet to be determined. You will receive a letter about this. Fibre optics will be installed by Glaspoort and DELTA Netwerk.

DELTA Netwerk

DELTA Netwerk will start excavation work in Grou in September 2022.

As is now known, they are laying fibre optic cables to all villages in the south of the city.


Glaspoort is laying connections in the following villages and industrial estates: Stiens, Grou, Britsum, Koarnjum, Jelsum, Baard, Bears, Easterlittens, Feinsum, Hijum, Hilaard, Húns, Idaerd, Jirnsum, Jorwert, Lekkum, Mantgum, Alde Leie, Reduzum, Wargea, Warten, Weidum, Wytgaard en Wurdum and business parks De Hemrik, Biensma, Oedsmawei, Middelsee, Leeuwarden West, Businesspark Leeuwarden, business park Noarderfjild, business park Wergea and business park String.

Am I obliged to use the fibre optic connection?

No, you are not obliged to take out a subscription. Do you want to take out a subscription? This can be done immediately or later.

Questions about these fibre optic connections?

More information can be found on the Glaspoort and DELTA Netwerk websites.

Electricity grid

The electricity grid

The electricity grid is facing strong demand. This is due to increased demand for electricity. Often from companies but also through area developments such as new housing estates/housing developments, for example.
And there is also more supply of renewable energy. More and more roofs have solar panels that feed electricity back into the grid.

Power grid capacity map.

The grid operators TenneT and Liander are therefore working to strengthen the electricity grid to provide more capacity. This will result in fewer ‘spikes’ in the power grid and prevent it from being overloaded.
Additional electricity cabinets are therefore being installed and extra cables laid throughout Leeuwarden. A new high-voltage substation is also planned. You will receive a letter when they start working on this in your neighbourhood.

Work on medium-voltage grid (NuLelie projects)

Liander is strengthening the medium-voltage grid. They are doing this by laying additional power lines in residential areas and installing new electricity cabinets.
As now known, they will start working in the following areas from March 2023 to spring 2025: Westeinde, Slauerhoffweg, WTC area, business park Westeinde. Nylan, de Zwette, Marshallweg, Snekertrekweg, Julianalaan, Lorentzkade, Zuidlanden, Middelsee and Goutum.

New high voltage station TenneT

TenneT and Liander are building a new high-voltage substation. This is needed to cope with the supply and demand of electricity on Leeuwarden’s grid. It provides greater capacity. This high-voltage station will be located where the new overhead cables connect to the existing electricity grid near Leeuwarden. And an underground cable connection will be laid to connect to Liander’s existing (medium-voltage) grid.

A high-voltage substation is a hub for electricity. Electricity is converted here from high voltage (110 kV grid TenneT) to medium voltage (20 kV grid Liander) and vice versa. Liander’s cables carry the electricity further (at a lower voltage) into the neighbourhoods, until finally to the socket in the home.

What do I notice about the work?

When TenneT or Liander starts working in your neighbourhood, you will receive a letter about this. This sets out what how the work will affect you. This may vary from one neighbourhood/street to another.

Questions about this work on the power grid?

More information about the new substation can be found on the TenneT website. Information about the NuLelie projects in your neighbourhood can be found on the Liander website.

Do you have any questions?

Send an email to wijkwerkenaan@leeuwarden.nl or contact the City of Leeuwarden by other means.

Planning zoning procedure Leeuwarden South substation

  • Drafting a zoning plan
    To build the new plans, the local authority will need to amend the zoning plan. In a zoning plan, the local authority sets out what the land and structures can be used for and what developments are allowed in the future.
  • Preliminary draft zoning plan available for viewing & information meeting
    The plan will be published on the website Overheid.nl. And in the door-to-door newspaper Huis-aan-Huis. You can view the plan (online or at the town hall) and give your opinion on the plans. (public participation response, within 6 weeks)
  • Processing responses
    What happens to your response?
    The local authority collects all opinions and responses in a document. This is called a response document. The local authority will indicate which responses can be acted upon. Those points will be incorporated in the draft zoning plan.
  • Draft zoning plan for viewing
    The plan will be published on the website Overheid.nl. And in the door-to-door newspaper Huis-aan-Huis. You can view the plan (online or at the town hall) and give your opinion on the plans. (Submit views, within 6 weeks.)
  • Processing responses
    The local authority collects all opinions and responses in a document. This is called a response document. The City Executive discuss the plans and all responses to them. The responses may lead to an adjustment in the zoning plan to be adopted. They will then send it to the city council.
  • Adoption of zoning plan by the city council
    The city council will decide whether it agrees with the plans.

Do you have any questions?

Send an email to gemeente@leeuwarden.nl or contact the City of Leeuwarden by other means.