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What is a personal contribution?

Help and support cost money. The local authority pays a large part of these costs. Some of these costs you pay yourself. We call this a ‘payment contribution’ towards the costs.

How much is the personal contribution?

The monthly personal contribution for most amenities under the Social Support Act (Wmo) is € 20.60. This contribution is payable to the ‘Centraal Administratiekantoor (CAK)‘.

Travel contribution to Wmo taxi transport

For Wmo taxi transport, you pay a travel contribution equal to the public bus fare. This is a travel contribution per trip (boarding rate) as well as a travel contribution per kilometre. A trip is one-way. You pay the travel contribution to the taxi company the City of Leeuwarden has a contract with. This is currently Taxi Witteveen. We adjust the travel contributions annually. The travel contributions for 2024 are:

  • For persons under 65: €1.08 per trip (boarding rate) as well as € 0.187 per kilometre.
  • For persons aged 65 or above: € 0.71 per trip (boarding rate) as well as € 0.123 per kilometre.
  • For accompanied children under 12: € 0.71 per trip (boarding rate) and € 0.123 per kilometre.
  • For accompanied children under 4 years of age (with a maximum of 2 per trip): No travel contribution.
  • For a medically indicated travel companion: No travel contribution.

You pay Taxi Witteveen for trips that the local authority does not reimburse. The rate charged by Taxi Witteveen is:

  • For a travel companion aged 12 or above: € 2.50 per trip.
  • For trips outside the transport area, which is a maximum of 25 kilometres from your home address: € 1.60 per kilometre.

Personal contribution for Sheltered Housing

The personal contribution for Sheltered Housing depends on the type of support you receive. You pay the personal contribution to the CAK.

  • Intramural sheltered housing (in an institution of a care provider with which the local authority has a contract) is subject to a personal contribution that depends on your income and assets. The CAK calculates the amount of your personal contribution.
  • Intramural sheltered housing (which you purchase yourself with a Personal Budget) is currently subject to a monthly personal contribution of € 20.60.
  • A monthly personal contribution of € 20.60 is currently always payable for Community sheltered housing, JongThuis or ThuisBasis.

Personal contribution for Refuge

For Refuge, the personal contribution depends on your income and the type of Refuge. This could be, for example, a day refuge, night refuge, women’s refuge. This amount is payable to the Refuge, not to the CAK.

When do you not pay a personal contribution?

You do not pay a personal contribution for:

  • A wheelchair.
  • An aid appliance for a minor.
  • The use of client support.
  • An allowance for informal support in the form of Short-term Stay or Day Care.
  • A facility whose cost is paid off in full with the personal contribution.

You also do not pay a personal contribution if you:

  • Already paying a personal contribution for another facility under the Wmo or Wlz.
  • are married or have a registered partner and you or your partner is under the state pension age.

More information about the personal contribution?

You will find more information on the ‘personal contribution’ on the website of the ‘Central Administration Office’ (CAK). You can call the CAK on 0800-1925.

Personal contribution refunded from health insurance

You can obtain a refund of all or part of your personal contribution under some supplementary health insurance schemes.

Have you taken out AV Frieso Compleet supplementary health insurance with De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar through the City of Leeuwarden? If so, you are eligible for a refund of the personal contribution for Wmo facilities.

More information?

Extra costs due to your illness or disability?

Living with a chronic illness or disability often results in additional costs. Therefore, you can claim back healthcare costs through your tax return or use financial schemes.

More information and explanations can be found on the website of ‘Meerkosten.nl’.

More information

You will find more information the Wmo page.