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What is an ‘opinion’?

An opinion is a viewpoint on a proposed decision or plan of the local authority. In some cases, the local authority does not take an immediate decision, but first puts forward a proposed decision. You can explain which points of this you agree or disagree with and why in an opinion. The local authority may still take these points into account in the final decision.


The local authority announces proposed decisions weekly in the announcements on its website and in the local door-to-door newspaper. If the proposed decision is of interest only to you, you may also receive a letter about it.

Submitting an application

Would you like to submit an opinion ‘Spatial plan in procedure’?

More information can be found on the ‘Spatial plans (view and respond)’ page.

Would you like to submit a different view?

Submit the request no later than 14 days before the end of the inspection period. Your request must be submitted within the deadline set for this purpose at the latest. That is usually six weeks, unless a different period has been announced.

How to submit an opinion

  • In writing
    • If you submit the view in writing, state in your letter to the local authority:
      • the proposed plan or decision on which you are submitting an opinion
      • the file number of proposed plan or decision
      • the reason why you are submitting an opinion
      • the date
      • your name and address
      • your signature

If someone else submits an opinion on your behalf, you must enclose a written authorisation that you have signed.

Send your letter to the person who made the decision. That could be the Municipal Executive (college van burgemeester en wethouders) or the local council (gemeenteraad).

  • Verbal
    • Contact the City of Leeuwarden to make an appointment.