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For what can you apply a grant for?

You can apply for reimbursement of 50% of the cost of an AED, outdoor cabinet, CPR course or maintenance.

How much grant can you apply for?

Maximum €2,000.

Until when can you apply?

You can apply for grants throughout the year. Your application will only be assessed and granted within 8 weeks after February 15 and September 15. That way, the available amount in the subsidy pot can be deployed where it is most needed in the AED network.

What are the conditions if you receive a grant?

  • You register the AED with the national network HartslagNu.
  • The AED must be placed within the boundaries of the City of Leeuwarden.
  • Citizen emergency responders who receive a share of the cost of CPR training through this grant also register with the national network HartslagNu.
  • Citizen emergency responders must live in the City of Leeuwarden.
  • You arrange the maintenance of the AED yourself.

Are you unwilling or unable to apply online?

Download the Subsidy Application Form for Setting Up an AED Network (PDF, 144.48 KB) and complete it. Send the form with the quotation to the City of Leeuwarden. You can also hand it in at the Town Hall.