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City Executive

An overview of the mayor and aldermen can be found below:

College Leeuwarden (names, photos and portfolios).


The mayor chairs the city council and the City Executive. The mayor enforces public order and safety. The City Executive forms Leeuwarden’s day-to-day administration. The executive makes policy for the local authority. The executive also independently implements laws and regulations of the state and province. All information about city executive meetings, the agenda and related documents can be found on the Government Information website.

City Council (meetings, agenda and livestream)

An overview of the Leeuwarden municipal council can be found below:

Leeuwarden City Council (names, photos and parties)


The city council is Leeuwarden’s highest governing body. It determines the main lines of Leeuwarden’s policy and oversees the city executive. All information about city council meetings, the agenda and related documents can be found on the Government Information website . The meetings can be viewed live.

Court of Auditors

The Court of Auditors is an independent committee that supports the city council. It checks whether the local government is spending money properly and whether policies are working. That is how the Court of Auditors supports the city council. More information on the Court of Audits reports can be found on the Government Information website.

Decisions of the city council and city executive

The city executive meets every Tuesday. From Tuesday afternoon onwards, you can always view the latest meeting documents and decisions. The city council meets every Wednesday. The agenda and related documents are published 10 days in advance.

Coalition agreement

The coalition agreement 2022-2026 sets out the plans and agreements for the four-year administration period. The coalition agreement is translated into the city budget every year. The plans are accounted for in the annual reports. You can read more about this in the online coalition agreement.

Budget and annual accounts

The budget

The budget tells you what the local authority wants to achieve in the coming year, what it will do to achieve it and how much it will cost. All revenues, expenditures and proposals for new investments are covered in the local authority budget. More information can be found on the website Administrative information.

Annual accounts

In the annual reports, you can read what the local authority achieved last year, what it did to achieve it and how much it cost. The city council usually adopts the budget in November and publishes the annual accounts in July. More information can be found on the website Administrative information.

Children's council and children's mayor

The Children’s Council is a project for primary schools in the City of Leeuwarden. Every year, 6 schools take part with year 7. The schools learn about politics and democracy. There is a debate competition on the day of the children’s council. One group wins with a plan that will actually be implemented. On this day, the new children’s mayor is also elected. More information can be found on page Children’s Council and Children’s Mayor.

School and excursions

Would you like to visit the Town Hall with a group from your school? No problem. We’ll put together a plan in consultation with you. This could include a visit to the Council Chamber, with a talk about local politics and democracy. Linked to a tour of the Town Hall. You can also organise your own debate in the Council Chamber. Contact the registry at griffie@leeuwarden.nl to discuss the options.