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Check the environment plan

Do you not need an environmental permit for your building plan? In that case, your plan must still fit into the environment plan.

Does your building plan fit into the environment plan? If so, you may build without a permit in some cases.

Does your building plan not fit in with the environmental plan? In that case, you will still need a permit.

You will find more information under ‘Environment Plan’.

What happens after your application?

You will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt from the Environment Desk. The City of Leeuwarden will then send another confirmation by post. This way, you can be sure that your application has reached us.
After that, you will receive a letter explaining which procedure applies to you:

  • Standard procedure.
    This procedure takes a maximum of 8 weeks. This period can be extended once by 6 weeks, if the assessment of your application cannot be completed within those 8 weeks.
  • Extended procedure.
    The procedure takes a maximum of six months. A draft permit is prepared before the final permit is issued. It is available for viewing. That means anyone can view the permit. Does someone want to respond? If so, that person must submit a viewpoint. Filing a viewpoint is mandatory if that person wants to file an objection later.

What information do you need to include with the application?

It is important that you send the complete environmental permit application. That enables us to assess your application immediately.

For an existing or new situation, send the following:

  • situational drawing
  • plan drawing
  • plan view
  • sectional drawing-detailed drawing
  • colour and materials

Make sure the drawings always show dimensions.

The application must meet the requirements of the 2012 Building Decree. These requirements cover aspects such as fire safety, insulation values and ventilation.


If you apply for an environmental permit because you want to build something, we ask for aesthetic advice from the Advisory Committee for Spatial Quality Hûs en Hiem (advisory committee). This advice forms part of the authorisation procedure. Your plan must always comply with the rules in the Environment Plan and the Buildings and Living Environment Decree.

Policy document on aesthetics

The City of Leeuwarden’s aesthetics requirements are set out in the City of Leeuwarden’s Building Regulations 2022. The advisory committee adheres to the rules in this document when assessing the application. After the assessment, the advisory committee advises the local authority. If a plan does not meet reasonable aesthetic standards the local authority will not issue an environmental permit.

Draft request

Before you apply for an environmental permit, we can look at a draft request. We will then assess whether your plan fits within the environment plan and whether it complies with the aesthetics guidelines. You must pay this for this assessment. You will be refunded these costs if, after our review of the draft request, you apply for an environmental permit. The costs, which you incur for the advisory committee’s aesthetics advice will not be refunded to you.

Send a draft request to the City of Leeuwarden via the Environment Desk.

Advisory committee meetings

The advisory committee meets every week on Tuesdays from 09:00 am at the Town Hall. You may attend these meetings. You as the applicant, or the person who designed your plan, will be given the opportunity to explain the plan. You will need to make an appointment.

You can check the agenda and building plans at the Town Hall before the meeting starts.

Take protected animals and plants into account

When undergoing renovations and new construction on vacant land, you must take into account the rules for nature protection in the Environmental Act. Your plan is prohibited from having a negative impact on protected species. This often also applies to the habitats of protected animals.

Examples of protected species

The sparrow, several bat species and the swift. The habitats and nests of these species are protected year-round. These animals may found be in your cavity wall, your roof or your garden.

Does your plan affect protected animals?

To find out, have a brief survey carried out by an ecological consultancy. This is called a quick scan. This scan clarifies whether your plans will affect protected species.

Apply for a Flora and Fauna activity permit

Does the quick scan show that your plan will affect protected species? Then apply for an environmental permit for a flora and fauna activity from the Province of Fryslân.

Doing more for protected species

Would you like to help nature with your construction project? More information can be found on website Building Nature Inclusive and on website Checklist Green Construction.


There are costs associated with submitting a permit application. The amounts are given in the Rates table General Levy Regulations.