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Rules on the Map

Via Rules on the map you will find the rules and policies of all governments together.

What you can look up

  • What a location or building may be used for. For example, where people are allowed to live or where catering establishments are allowed.
  • Which rules and policies are still being worked on. So that you know what will change in your environment in the future.

Outside area South

The City of Leeuwarden is working on a new environmental plan for all areas within the municipality. Leeuwarden – Buitengebied Zuid will be the first part of the City of Leeuwarden with a new environmental plan. The council will decide on this in the course of 2024.

We are still working on an environmental plan for the other areas within the City of Leeuwarden. This must be completed on January 1, 2032. Until then, the old rules still apply in these areas.

Questions or more information?

Send an email to omgevingswet@leeuwarden.nl or contact the City of Leeuwarden in some other way.