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What are the implications of the Environment Act?

  • Your application will be tested against all rules in one go. We collaborate a lot with other governments. For example, the Province of Friesland or Friesland Water Board. They each have their own rules.
  • Within the rules, there is more space for ideas and initiatives. For example, generating energy together with your neighbours, converting your garage into a business space, turning an empty plot of land into a playing field, converting a windmill into a café or canoe rental. Of course, this should not cause any nuisance to the environment. Sometimes there are also other restrictions that you have to take into account, such as the Nature Act or rules for monuments.
    Any idea or initiative should consider what is best for other people. For example, local, residents and entrepreneurs.
  • There is more space for customisation.
  • Your permit application period will be shorter. For most permits, this is 8 weeks. And no longer a maximum of 26 weeks, as is now the case.

Environment vision

The Environmental Vision states how we as a municipality want to organize our space. You will find more information under ‘Environment Plan’.

Environment plan

An Environment Plan sets out what is and is not allowed in your area. You will find more information under ‘Environment Plan’.

Questions or more information?

Send an email to vergunningen@leeuwarden.nl or contact the City of Leeuwarden by other means.