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Greening, connecting, adding value

These 3 words express what we want from our Environment Vision. And how we intend to develop Leeuwarden in the coming decades.


We want to use our environment without harmful emissions and with as much recycling of raw materials as possible. We are adapting to the changing climate. We are doing this to help mitigate the effects of global warming. And contribute to a healthy and clean living environment. Where there is more biodiversity.


This refers to the houses, roads, railway lines and cables in Leeuwarden. Also referred to as the physical infrastructure. This infrastructure enables us to meet and connect with each other.

Adding value

We want to be of value to the residents of Leeuwarden. We do not necessarily achieve this value in the form of economic growth, but more as ‘broad prosperity’. For example, we consider wellbeing more important than prosperity. People more important than property. And quality more important than quantity.

What has been done so far?

December 2021

The City Council will adopt the Environment Vision on 22 December. The Environment Vision was adopted as amended, also taking into account submitted viewpoints.

September and October 2021

The draft Environment Vision will be available for viewing for 6 weeks from 9 September to 20 October. Sixteen viewpoints have been submitted.

August 2021

The City Executive will adopt the draft Environment Vision on 31 August.

November 2020 to August 2021

Residents, business owners and stakeholders have received an invitation. To participate in the drafting of the Environment Vision. They were also asked what could be improved.

April 2020

Environment Vision position paper adopted. The city council was told what emerged from the dialogue sessions with residents and entrepreneurs. A close look was taken at whether the topics the city council itself considers important will shortly be discussed in the Environment Vision. The conclusion is that there is a good starting point to take the next step. Together with residents, entrepreneurs and stakeholders.

October and November 2019

Three dialogue sessions were organised. The local authority started discussions on the Environment Vision together with residents, entrepreneurs and stakeholders. The following 3 themes were discussed:

  1. Leeuwarden will be at the heart of an extraordinary blue-green region in 2028. What do we envisage?
  2. Leeuwarden will be a strong economic region in the Northern Netherlands and Europe by 2028.
  3. Leeuwarden will be a great place to live in 2028.


A short film provides a summary. Or you can read the summary by dialogue session in the following documents:

October 2019

Launch of the ‘Environment Vision Position Paper’. In preparation for drafting the Environment Vision, our local authority first considered possible topics, ambitions and developments. These are summarised in 3 themes and elaborated in the memorandum ‘Leeuwarden in 2028 -the launch of a Leeuwarden Environment Vision’: Position paper Environment Vision Leeuwarden

Before preparing the Environment Vision, we ask our residents, entrepreneurs and stakeholders through dialogue sessions what they think of these themes. Which topics are important?

Want to have your say about your living environment?

Are you a resident, entrepreneur, village council, neighbourhood council, community organisation, or otherwise involved in your neighbourhood? Have your say on the introduction of the Environment Act. You can do this by actively discussing plans, or by contributing other solution and ideas. We call this participation.

Want to sign up to take part?

Email omgevingswet@leeuwarden.nl.

More information on participation in the Environment Act?

You will find more information in a short film.

Questions or more information?

Send an email to vergunningen@leeuwarden.nl or contact the City of Leeuwarden by other means.