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Important to know

Where and when

  • The report filed made in Leeuwarden if the person died here.
  • Deaths must be registered within 6 days of decease. This is usually done by the funeral director.
  • Once the death certificate is drawn up, the death is registered in the Key Register of Persons of the place of residence.

Funeral or cremation

Burial or cremation usually takes place within 6 days of decease. To bury or cremate someone, you need a ‘leave to bury or cremate’. The local authority in the place of residence of the deceased issues this.

Death abroad

Has a Leeuwarden resident died abroad? If so, you must notify the local authority. You must hand in a death certificate. The death certificate must be authenticated. Is the certificate drawn up in a language other than Dutch, German, English or French? If so, you must have it translated by a sworn translator.

Special registration of death

A death certificate can be drawn up in he case of a stillborn baby.

What do you need to take with you to the appointment?

  • Valid proof of identity.
  • A doctor’s death certification.
  • B envelope containing details of cause of death. The doctor will give you these.

Online death certification for funeral directors

Funeral directors can submit their certification of death online.


Reporting a death is free of charge.