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Birds and mammals

Found or injured birds or mammals

Please contact Stichting Vogelasiel De Fûgelhelling. Address De Feart 1, Ureterp. Telephone: 0512 514328.

One dead bird on private property

This can be placed in a bag in the waste bin. We advise you to use disposable gloves and then wash your hands.

Dead bird on local authority land

Do not touch the dead bird. Call 058-2663370.

More than three dead ducks, geese or swans? Or more than 20 dead birds?

This could be a sign of avian flu. In that case contact De Nederlandse Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit (NVWA) on telephone number 045-5463188.

Nuisance caused by birds

  • Pick up trash. This attracts sparrows and pigeons, for example.
  • It is illegal to kill or intentionally disturb birds.
  • Nests and eggs are protected during breeding season. Some nests are protected throughout the year. Examples include those of the house sparrow, swift and rook.
  • You are however permitted to prevent birds from nesting. For example, by closing off an open chimney or sealing the space under solar panels with mesh. You must take these measures before or after nesting takes place. You are not permitted to do this for birds whose nests are protected year-round.

For more information or help, visit the website of an ecological consulting firm.


You can report nuisance on local authority land. We receive many reports each year. We try to deal with serious nuisances wherever possible. However we cannot promise that the nuisance will be stopped.

We have an exemption for driving rooks to another place (established management sites). These are places were rooks can breed without causing any nuisance.


Refuge and rehoming of pets

Contact Stichting Dierenopvang De Wissel. Address Kalverdijkje 75, Leeuwarden. Telephone: 058-2664300

Found pets

Such as a stray cat. Contact Stichting Dierenambulance de Wissel. Telephone: 058-2664300 They can be reached 24 hours a day.

Burying or cremating a pet

You can have your deceased pet cremated in a pet crematorium. Or take it to the Milieustraat.

You are permitted to bury pets in your own garden or on your own land. The grave must be at least 75 cm deep.

Nuisance caused by cats

The local authority cannot do anything about cat nuisance on private land. The land is not owned by the local authority. Do you know whose cat it is? Talk to the owner.

You will also find tips on how to deter cats in an animal-friendly way online.

Rat and mouse plagues

Tips to prevent plagues:

  • Keep your own area clean
  • Clear away waste and food in closed containers. That includes bird feed and bread for ducks.
  • Close holes and cracks.

You will find more information on the website Kennis- en Adviescentrum Dierplagen (KAD).

Nuisance despite taking measures?

The landowner is responsible for solving the problem.

Is the nuisance on municipal land? If so, you can report the matter.


Contact the Wetterskip (waterboard) Telephone: 058-2922222

Oak processionary caterpillar

Contact with an oak processionary caterpillar can cause itching, skin rashes, and irritated eyes and respiratory system.

File a report if you find the oak processionary caterpillar on local authority land.

Bees and wasps

Bees pollinate plants, including agricultural crops. Without bees, our food production would be in serious difficulty. Bees are an endangered species and are therefore not controlled as pests.

Wasps also have an important role. They feed their larvae on flies, mosquitoes and caterpillars. Also the oak processionary caterpillar. That is how wasps help keep insect population in balance.

Still affected by nuisance?

  • Bee swarm on own land: contact a beekeeper or swarm catcher.
  • Wasp nest on private land: contact a pest control company.
  • File a report if you find a bee swarm or wasp next on local authority land.

Stone martens

The stone marten is a protected species and may therefore not be captured or killed. His living environment may also not be disturbed or destroyed without permission.

What to do?

Would you like advice on how to deal with nuisance caused by stone martens? Visit the website of Reporting point for bats and stone martens or BIJ12.

Permanent nuisance?