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Collection point locations

  • End of Pasteurweg (behind the school) Leeuwarden
  • IKC Wynwizer, Pikemar 11 Leeuwarden
  • IKC De Pionier, Molkenkelder 4e Techum
  • Sinne, Valkstraat 34 Leeuwarden
  • Sinne, Idzerdastins 57 Leeuwarden
  • Sinne, Brederostraat 20 Leeuwarden
  • Sinne, Plataanstraat 2 Leeuwarden
  • IKC Sint Thomas, Bachstraat 61 Leeuwarden
  • IKC Sint Teresa, Westergeasterdyk 58 Goutum
  • IKC Wiarda, Buorren 13 Goutum
  • IKC Prins Maurits, Brandemeer 1, Leeuwarden
  • IKC Sint Paulus, Cornelistrooststraat 31, Leeuwarden
  • IKC Willem Alexander, Zevenblad 14, Leeuwarden
  • Milieustraat Grou, Oedsmawei 9 Grou
  • Milieustraat Stiens, Seerob 23 Stiens
  • Childcare facility Oan de Boarn, Industriewei 23, Jirnsum
  • Childcare facility Weidum, Skildyk 13 Weidum/placement address at Bornialeane at the existing waste complex
  • Childcare facility Wergea, P. Wijbengastrjitte 12, Wergea
  • Childcare facility It Roekeltsje, Schoolstraat 2, Warten
  • Child care facility Bernewrâld, Haadstrjitte 29, Reduzum
  • Village house de Twirre, Tjissema 8 Wytgaard

Nappy collection point with Sinne

Open Monday to Friday only from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm during opening hours.

Omrin Waste App

You can also find all collection points for diapers in the Omrin Waste App.

Can nappies go in the grey container?

Yes you can. Many people think it is necessary to separate dirty nappies into a special nappy container. There is no need for this. Omrin has a waste separation plant that removes nappies from residual waste afterwards.

Washable nappies

Do you want to reduce your residual waste? If so, use washable nappies. This avoids having to throw away a nappy after being worn just once. More information on washable nappies can be found on the Milieu Centraal website.