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Contacting Omrin

Go to the website of Omrin for more information about matters such as:

  • uncollected waste
  • extra or broken waste container
  • waste collection calendar
  • collection of items for recycling
  • bulky waste or garden waste
  • waste app
  • environment pass
  • recycling centre

As a company, you are responsible for disposing of your own waste. You will need to take out your own contract with a waste collection company.

Tips on separating waste

Watch the video with tips on separating waste and use the Omrin Waste App.

Plastic is allowed in the residual waste

Omrin has a factory that removes plastic packaging, cans and drink cartons from your residual waste. We call this subsequent separation. We can easily recycle these materials. The amount of plastic that the factory removes from your waste is higher when separated than when you separate plastic, cans and drink cartons at home.

There is a deposit on small plastic drinking bottles and cans

You can hand this in at the store.

Waste coach

Do you need help with properly separating your waste? An Omrin waste coach can give you tips. Make an appointment via wastecoach@omrin.nl. More information about what schemes exist can be found on the Waste and Recycling page.

Why separating waste is important

The whole of the Netherlands is working on the ‘From Waste to Raw Material’ programme. With this, the government wants to prevent much of our waste from being burned. Our residual waste is often still full of raw materials that we can reuse.

It is better for the environment when we reuse raw materials

This works better if we separate waste properly. This means, among other things, handing in vegetable, fruit and garden waste (organic waste) and food scraps separately. But also separate paper, cardboard, glass and textiles from residual waste. In this way, together we can ensure that the waste mountain in Leeuwarden becomes smaller. At the same time, we keep the rising costs of incinerating residual waste as low as possible. And that in turn affects the waste tax that you pay as a resident.