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Disagree with the WOZ value

More information can be found on the page Objecting to municipal taxes.

Viewing the WOZ value

Anyone may view the WOZ value of homes through the WOZ value portal.

Difference between value date and condition reference date

For the WOZ value, we take the value of your property on 1 January of the previous year. This is called the value reference date. Has anything changed regarding your property after the valuation date? For example, in the case of newbuild, conversion, a different use or demolition. Did that increase or lower the value? If so, for the WOZ value, we consider the state (condition) of the property on 1 January of this year. This is called the condition reference date.

WOZ value homes

WOZ value 2024

It is possible that the WOZ value of your property in 2024 will be higher than last year. By law, for the WOZ value, we have to consider the value of your house at the beginning of the previous year. That means 1 January 2023. If sales figures of comparable homes around January 1, 2023 are higher than comparable sales figures a year earlier, the value will increase.

Valuation by sales prices of the same type of house

For the WOZ value of residential properties, we take the market value on the valuation date. To determine this value, we look at sales prices of the same type of homes sold around 1 January the previous year. We take into account differences such as the year of construction or annexes.

We assume there are no rights in rem associated with the property, such as rent, leasehold, superficies and easements.

Valuation by surface area

Since 2022, municipalities have been obliged to base the WOZ value of homes on the usable surface area (GBO). Previously, we based the WOZ value on the volume of the house. You can view the usable surface area of your property in the valuation report.

Valuation with your own sales figure

Does the property have its own sales figure? If so, we can determine the market value more precisely. It could be that the WOZ value will be slightly higher or lower than the sale price. For example, if house prices have gone up or down between the sale date and the valuation date.

WOZ value for non-residential properties

We usually assume the market value. We look at the rent per square metre. We multiply this rent by the gross floor area and a ‘capitalisation factor’. We use the capitalisation factor to convert the annual rent to a value. When valuing a non-residential property, we take into account aspects such as its location, how it was built and how well it has been maintained.

WOZ value of newbuild properties

Is your property still under construction and due for completion during the year? In that case, we determine the value of the property according to its condition on 1 January of the following year. That means we value this property in the following year as completed. And no longer as a property under construction.

Tenants and WOZ

You will receive a ‘tenant WOZ decision’. This states the WOZ value of the property you rent. The WOZ value of your rental property partly determines how much rent you pay. If you have public sector rental housing, the WOZ value may affect the maximum rent.

More information on the maximum rent can be found on the website of the Central Government.

Have you not received a tenant notice?

Contact the City of Leeuwarden.

Who else uses the WOZ value?

The Tax Administration and Water Board also use the WOZ value for the assessments you receive from them.

Tax return

The assessment of local taxes states the tax year for which the WOZ value applies. For your tax return, you use the WOZ value of the year for which you are filing your tax return.

We determine the WOZ value of your property annually

That means this year’s value may be different from last year’s.

The Netherlands Council for Real Estate Assessment audits the local authority

This is an independent organisation. They check that all local authorities are properly implementing the ‘Valuation of Immovable Property Act (WOZ)’. The Netherlands Council for Real Estate Assessment looks at whether we have correctly set the value of a property.

More information

For more information, you can view the website of the Valuation Chamber or the website of the Land Registry.

Laws and regulations

The following regulations can be found on the website Overheid.nl (local):

  • Valuation of Moveable Property Act
  • Municipalities Act
  • General Administrative Law Act