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We are starting with 5 projects

Information about what will happen for each project can be found on the pages below for each project. You will also find information there on how to participate, or how to pass on what is important to you.

The local authority also engages nearby residents.

We will keep you informed through a newsletter, or through the information given on one of the pages listed above for each project.

Questionnaire about the Nieuwestad

The Nieuwestad and Peperstraat will be redesigned. The Chinese cobblestones are being replaced and there will be more greenery. Pedestrians and cyclists come first even more.

Before we start designing the new Nieuwestad, we want to know what you find important. To find out, a questionnaire has been drawn up. We think it is important that as many residents, visitors and entrepreneurs as possible complete the questionnaire. You can complete the form from 2 April to 30 April 2024.

What will you notice?

The City of Leeuwarden wants to strengthen what makes the city centre unique. That includes the monumental surroundings, the water, our multilingual and Frisian identity and the human scale of Leeuwarden. Pedestrians and cyclists are put first more often. More streets are made low-traffic areas, while the many car parks keep the city centre easy to reach by car. This creates space for an attractive, green, climate-proof environment. The canals will also be made more attractive, e.g. with jetties and steps. You will find more information in the City Centre Implementation Programme (PDF, 7.52 MB).

Summary of all plans

An overview of all the plans in the City Centre Programme can be found in the document Investing in the City Centre 2023-2023.

More business opportunities

Society is changing. Many purchases are now made online. Visitors and tourists need the prospect of an experience to make it worthwhile to visit Leeuwarden and do their shopping here. Making it a high quality visit comes first. Entrepreneurs, residents and visitors benefit from this.

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Do you have any questions?

If so, send an email to binnenstad@leeuwarden.nl