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About the project

How do we ensure that the Prinsentuin remains a pleasant place for all these different visitors? While preserving the green space, water and eye-catching old trees? The Prinsentuin project aims to answer that question. We are doing this not only as a local authority, but together with you.

Prinsentuin development framework

The local authority will create a development framework for the Prinsentuin. This framework will set out which functions already exist in the Prinsentuin or which functions are desirable in the future. Consider, for instance, toilet facilities for day visitors and better facilities for those mooring temporarily in the harbour. And where can these functions be placed? So the development framework will set out the opportunities and possibilities for the Prinsentuin. The local authority is doing this to produce good plans. We cannot and do not want to do everything in the Prinsentuin since it is already a very beautiful city park and also a protected national monument

Prinsentuin survey

To find out why people come to the Prinsentuin and what they see as important, a survey was prepared to be completed during the months of July and August. Nearly 700 people completed the survey, which provided a lot of information. The Prinsentuin Working Group and representatives of the City of Leeuwarden will be working on this.

Prinsentuin working group

At the end of the survey, interested parties could sign up for the Prinsentuin Working Group. Interest in this was high. More than 70 people signed up. In the end, 30 people were invited to join the working group. Together, they form a diverse group of users of the Prinsentuin. From local residents to students and from the manager of Koperen Tuin to the owners of Tresoar and Historical Centre Leeuwarden.

They talked about what is good about the Prinsentuin what could be improved. The local authority is also a member of this working group. Positive points include the green space, the monumental trees, the marina and the pond. Negative points mentioned included noise and other nuisance, poor toilet facilities, dark places and lack of catering facilities.

Building blocks for the Prinsentuin development framework

A chart of opportunities and qualities was made for all these points. It divides City Park Prinsentuin into several areas, from the Arendstuin to De Harmonie. And that is a larger area than just the Prinsentuin. The working group feels that the Wissesdwinger with the Arendstuin, the Vrouwepoortsdwinger and Noordersingel also present opportunities. For each area, the opportunities were translated into functions and we looked at what this means spatially.

The Prinsentuin Working Group presented the first ideas and opportunities together with the municipality on Tuesday, October 31. During this walk-in session, attendees could respond to the ideas. Afterwards, the plans could also be viewed digitally.

The municipality will draw up a draft development framework based on the feedback and the opportunities and qualities chart. This contains functional and spatial proposals. This concept is discussed by the mayor and aldermen. The municipal council will then make a decision. The development framework forms the basis for the implementation of the plans for the Prinsentuin for the coming years.

Preliminary planning schedule

  • July-August: Completion of the survey.
  • September: Idea sessions with the Prinsentuin Working Group.
  • October: Writing a plan (the Development Framework) for the Prinsentuin.
  • 31 October: Walk-in meeting of the local authority and Prinsentuin working group on the opportunities chart for the Prinsentuin. Between 7 pm and 9 pm at Leeuwarden’s town hall. North Level will give a short presentation at 7.15 pm and 8.15 pm.
  • 1 to 5 November: respond online to the Prinsentuin opportunities chart via this website.
  • End of 2023 / beginning of 2024: The city executive discusses the development framework and asks the city council to decide on it.


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