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Your ideas for the Spoordok Development Framework

Together with the owners – and with contributions from the community – we have already created an area vision for Spoordok. The local authority is currently working with the owners and a design team from ZUS and Vakwerk on the next step. That is the Spoordok development framework. The development framework elaborates on the districts, the urban planning frameworks and the programme.

Meetings on 30 November 2022 and 9 January 2023

During these meetings.you had the opportunity to provide input on the future of Spoordok. This was eagerly seized upon. Around the scale model, many ideas were placed on notes in the themes of mobility, public space, housing and buildings, sustainability and identity. We have summarised the ideas in a single document. The design team will take them into account when it works on the development framework.

Steps: creating Spoordok together

The development of Spoordok will take time and not happen overnight. We truly need each other in the coming years to make Spoordok a reality. Together with owners, expert partners and society. Creating Spoordok together!

Area vision (completed)

Area directors City of Leeuwarden and BPD | Bouwfonds Gebiedsontwikkeling worked together with parties including landowners and consultancies ZUS and SITE on the area vision for Spoordok. ‘Spoordok Leeuwarden, an inspiration document’ formed the basis for this vision. The area vision was adopted by the city council in late 2021.

During the Boundless Spoordok event in September and October 2021, residents were given the opportunity to discover and have a taster of Spoordok. And above all, contribute ideas about the future of Spoordok. This was also possible so during an expo at Zaailand shopping centre, by answering questions online, walking around the area and joining in the debate during an online table discussion led by journalist and former professional cyclist Marijn de Vries. The information gathered was incorporated into the area vision. You can watch the Spoordok table discussion below:

About Project Spoordok

Spoordok is close to the station, adjacent to the city centre and between the railway, the Harlingervaart canal, the Stephenson Viaduct and the Department of Public Works building. With its central location, Spoordok offers economic and spatial opportunities. The redevelopment of Spoordok contributes to the major challenges facing Leeuwarden, the province and the country. That covers topics such as climate, biodiversity, energy, mobility, housing demand and economic development. Key issues of the housing construction in Spoordok are affordability, sustainability and circular construction.

Part of Spoorzone Leeuwarden

Eight projects and locations throughout Leeuwarden make up Spoorzone Leeuwarden. In Spoorzone Leeuwarden, living, working and sustainable design of the public area go hand in hand with great opportunities for rail improvements. The eight projects of Spoorzone Leeuwarden are Mobility Hub Werpsterhoeke, Middelsee, Spoorbrug Van Harinxma, Zwettehaven, Spoordok, Media and Innovation Campus (MICA), Spoor Leeuwarden-Groningen op -1 and the Merodestraat.

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