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Examples of documents

  • Digital documents
  • Email
  • Letters

Not all documents can be publicly disclosed. Privacy-sensitive information is not disclosed, for example. This also applies to company or manufacturing details. There are also other exceptions.

You can look up the following information for yourself

  • You will find laws and regulations on the website Overheid.nl.
  • You will find details organisations on the website Werken bij Leeuwarden (Working in Leeuwarden).
  • You will find the following information at the website iBabs:
    • Council documents
    • Administrative documents
    • Documents of Advisory Boards
    • Voluntary agreements
    • Annual plans and annual reports
    • Surveys (such as employee engagement surveys)

View settled Wob/Woo requests

You can find settled Wob/Woo requests on:

Would you like information about one of the following topics?

But hasn’t it been published yet? Contact the City of Leeuwarden.

  • Decisions
  • Complaints

Is the subject you want information about not listed?

Submit a Woo request. You can do this using one of the following methods:


Complete the online form ‘Request under the Open Government Act’ in.

In writing

Write a letter to the City of Leeuwarden containing the following information:

  • Subject ‘Woo request.
  • The subject you are asking information about.
  • The document you want to receive.
  • Your name, address and place of residence.
  • Your email address and telephone number (in case we have questions about your application).

When will you receive the information?

Once we have received your application, you will receive a response from the City of Leeuwarden within 4 weeks. The 4-week period can be postponed once by a maximum of 2 weeks.

However, there are exceptions to this

For example, in cases where we need more information from you or another party to settle the request. For more information, please see the ‘Dutch Open Government Act at the website Overheid.nl.

Is a charge made for this?

No. No charges are made for making a copy.

Do you have any other questions?

Please contact the City of Leeuwarden.