Quick to:

Hotline to report abuses

Do you think a landlord does not follow the rules? Then report it to the reporting point of the City of Leeuwarden. This is free of charge.

Are you unwilling or unable to apply online?

Go to your local community centre. That’s where the Neighbourhood Service Point Leeuwarden and Amaryllis Leeuwarden are located. They will help you complete the reporting form.

Unable to upload the documents?

Call 14 058.

Are you renting through Elkien, WoonFriesland or WoonzorgNederland?

Please contact the housing association you are renting from immediately.

When to report?

If so, report the matter to us:

  • the landlord discriminates against a home seeker when looking for a new tenant;
  • the landlord threatens or frightens the tenant;
  • the landlord asks the tenant for more than 2 months’ rent as a deposit;
  • there is no written rental contract between the landlord and the tenant;
  • the landlord does not properly inform the tenant about:
    • rights and obligations that are not stated in the rental contract;
    • the deposit and when the tenant will get the deposit back;
    • contact details of the landlord;
    • the reporting point for undesirable rental behaviour;
    • a clear overview of all service costs.
  • the landlord charges the tenant unjustified service charges;
  • a rental agent charges the tenant more than once for mediation costs.

What happens after the application?

To handle your report properly, we work together with the Rental Team Leeuwarden. They will contact you within 5 working days.

The Rental Team will investigate the report together with you

Is the landlord indeed not adhering to the law? The Rental Team will then pass this on to the municipality. We can fine the landlord.

What happens to the data in the notification?

We store personal data of reporters and landlords. Would you like to know how we do that? You will find more information under Privacy.

Direct contact with the Rental Team Leeuwarden

In the following situations, please contact the Rental Team immediately. This is free of charge. Call 058-2132415 or send an email to info@huurteamleeuwarden.nl

  • If you think you are paying too much rent.
  • If your home is poorly maintained.
  • A rental contract that has not been drawn up in accordance with the law.

Frequently asked questions

I think I pay too much rent. Can the municipality help?

Not the municipality. The Rental Team Leeuwarden can. Call 058-2132415 or send an email to info@huurteamleeuwarden.nl.

Can I check myself whether I am paying too much rent?

Yes. Do a rental price check online via the Rental committee website. The rent depends on the quality of your rental property.

Does the law only apply to new rental contracts, or also to existing rental contracts?

The law applies to all rental contracts. This also applies to rental contracts that already exist.