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Notice of proposed rental extension

Since 1 May 2019, there has been a rental agreement between Jolanda’s mobiele kapsalon and the local authority, under which Jolanda’s mobiele kapsalon has the exclusive right to use of the property at Wirdumerpoortsbrug 2k in Leeuwarden.

The local authority sees Jolanda’s mobiele kapsalon as the only serious candidate for the rental renewal because the rented property is classified as medium-sized business premises within the meaning of Article 7:290 of the Dutch Civil Code and is therefore subject to rent protection. In addition, the lessee has built its customer base at this location since 1 May 2019.

Disagree with the intention?

If you have objections to the (proposed) rental, you must file interim injunction proceedings with the interim injunctions court of the District Court of the Northern Netherlands within 20 calendar of the date of this publication (5 April 2024).

Do you have any questions?

Complete the ‘Land and Real Estate Response Form’. The publication number is: 2024-077979