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Tender Unia west

A registration is being requested for the realization of a sub-location in the hamlet of Unia in Leeuwarden. The Leeuwarden municipal council has established the urban development plan, the zoning plan and the aesthetic guidelines for this hamlet.

The zoning plan is irrevocable and the plan area will be delivered ready for construction, including utilities, in June 2024.

The development of the homes must meet the requirements set. You can read this in all documents. In addition, the municipality wants the homes to be built as circular/biobased, climate-adaptive and nature-inclusive as possible.

The development of Unia takes place in a number of sub-projects (blocks). See figure 1 in the Tender Document.

Appendices 1 to 6 and information memorandum

In the Tender Document of Unia West you will find a list of appendices on the last page of Chapter 13. Below you will find an overview of these attachments:

Do you have any questions?

The questions asked during the Tender are answered in the information memorandum. This will be provided to those interested. When submitting your plan, please include the following case number: 2024-034255.


You can register for the Unia-west tender by completing the registration form.

You are emphatically not asked to submit proposals for the actual building plans at this stage, but only a sketch design (situation, building area) and a reference home(s) that are offered.

You must discuss your commitment to the selection criteria based on the requested calculations (MPG and material use) and applicable to the reference home offered. You must also elaborate on your efforts regarding nature inclusivity and climate adaptation in the relevant blocks.

You can send these documents by email to info@dezuidlanden.nl.