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Which plot is this?

This concerns the following plot of water with subsoil north of the business premises at De Merodestraat 3 in Leeuwarden:

  • Cadastrally known City of Leeuwarden section G, number 16641 dls. large approx. 266 m2.

One serious candidate

Due to a ruling by the Supreme Court, the municipality must give equal opportunities to interested parties when issuing land. A selection procedure is not necessary if it has been established in advance or can reasonably be assumed that only one candidate will be eligible for the land. The municipality believes that in this case there is only one serious candidate for the following reason.

The candidate wants to use the water plot to restore the embankment.

Disagree with the intention?

Any other candidate who believes that he should also be eligible for this right must file summary proceedings regarding this case with the Northern Netherlands District Court within 20 calendar days of the date of this publication (January 31, 2024).

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Complete the ‘Land and Real Estate Response Form’. The publication number is: 2023-258601.