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What happened during Bosk

This art installation by Bosk walked from location to location, transforming streets and squares into green oases. Bosk interacted with the city and its residents, taking visitors along in the story of the earth, which needs to be rewritten. Bosk called attention to reviewing the relationship between humans and nature.

Bosk told a story that connects, enchants, broadens horizons but is also relatable. Anyone could and did join Bosk and people were invited to come up with ideas or participate. Besides the walking forest, the project featured a broad participation, education, culture and deepening programme for Leeuwarden and Friesland.

Together with participants, neighbourhoods, villages, associations, entrepreneurs and organisations, Bosk strives for a greener future by planting lots of trees. After 14 August 2022, the trees and thousands of seedlings of the walking forest were all given a permanent place in the City of Leeuwarden and Province of Friesland.

Bosk was initiated by the late Joop Mulder (Sense of Place) and conceived by Bruno Doedens (SLeM) in close collaboration with Arcadia.

Bosk route and information for visitors

The Bosk route and more information can be found on the Arcadia website.

What happened to the trees after Bosk?

The trees were planted at the following locations in the City of Leeuwarden after their walk through the city centre:

  • Industrial estates de Hemrik and de Zwette (in the context of climate change; tackling flooding and heat stress).
  • Middelsee en Zuidlanden (new districts).
  • Mantgum (former dredging spoil depot in Plan Boppeslach).
  • Waagplein (greening the city centre).
  • Leeuwarden Oost (various districts).
  • Akkrum (The trees were collected by boat on 19 August 2022). The Municipality of Heerenveen planted the trees in the area.
  • NatuerMerke fan de Leijen (the tree was collected by skûtsje boat and planted at De Leijen).
  • At various locations throughout the district where trees have died due to ash dieback disease (e.g. Jellum, Miedum, Goutum, Leeuwarden, Jirnsum, Wergea, Jorwert, Swichum, Friens).
  • Arcadia planted 100 more trees at various locations.

Visit the website groenleeftinleeuwarden for more information about Bosk’s trees.