Quick to:

What is the procedure for viewing an online zoning plan

  • Click on ‘Find plans’.
  • Enter the address under ‘Search by address’. For example: Nieuwestad 33 Leeuwarden.
  • Click on the magnifying glass to look up the zoning of this address.
  • Under the heading ‘Zoning plans’, you will find the zoning plans for this address.
  • Are there multiple zoning plans for the same address?
    • Click on the ‘Open keuzehulp’ (Open choice tool).
    • The right side of the page shows what each zoning plan covers. You will usually be looking for the zoning plan that has the word ‘irrevocable’ (onherroepelijk) in it. This is often the latest plan.
    • Once you have clicked on the correct zoning plan, the destination of the address you searched for is shown on the right.

Where can you find building regulations for your site?

Click on ‘Enkelbestemming’ of ‘Bestemming’ (Single zoning/zoning). This is on the right side of the page.

Can’t find a zoning designation?

In that case, there is no online zoning plan yet for the address you typed in.

Still want to request the zoning map and associated rules?

  • Click on the ‘Documents’ tab.
  • For the destination, click on ‘Planning map’.
  • For the rules, click on ‘Rules’.

Exemptions from zoning plans

Sometimes the local authority allows you to do something other than what a zoning plan prescribes. In those cases you can be given permission to depart from the rules.

The zoning plan specifies the situations in which departures from the rules are possible. These are the ‘in-scope exemptions’.

Exemptions are also possible based on national legislation. These rules are not in the zoning plan.

Do you want an exemption from a zoning plan?

If so, apply for an environment and planning permit via the online environment desk (Omgevingsloket Online).

There are 2 ways to obtain an environmental permit

Both procedures are laid down in the Environmental Permitting (General Provisions) Act (Wabo):

  • The standard procedure is for the most common and simple applications. You will hear within 8 weeks whether you will be granted an environmental permit.
  • The extended procedure is for complex applications. You will hear within 26 weeks whether you will be granted an environmental permit.

During the processing of your application, you will be told which procedure applies to you.

Help or questions?

First check Ruimtelijke plannen.nl.

Do you still need help or have questions?

Contact the City of Leeuwarden.