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Is an environmental permit required?

This depends on the location of the outdoor component. You can easily check this with the permit check from the Environment Desk. You can also use the permit-free building brochure on the Central Government website.

How much noise can an outdoor unit produce?

The air conditioning or heat pump may not make more than 40 decibels of noise on the boundary of your land. Does it make more noise? Then place this part further away from your neighbours. Or you can, for example, build a casing around it. The owner, together with the installer, is responsible for remaining in conformity with noise requirements. The installer uses the central government’s WPAC calculation tool for this purpose.

Do you want specific technical advice for your home?

More information can be found on the website duurzaambouwloket.

Questions or need help?

For questions, more information and to apply for an environmental permit, go to the Procedure for applying or reporting an environmental permit page.