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Façade advertising, roof advertising and objects on private property

You need an environmental permit to place advertising on a building or to place individual (advertising) objects on your property (such as nameplates and flags). What you must comply with is stated in the advertising policy “Eye for Advertising”.


No permit is required for displays at shops, institutions and tourist attractions if certain conditions are met. These can be found in the “Regulations for displays in Leeuwarden”.

Advertising on public land (operators)

In the City of Leeuwarden you can run advertising campaigns in many ways and have business referrals placed. The municipality has given various (advertising) operators the right to place (advertising) objects in public spaces. Placing objects in public space yourself is not allowed. You can contact these operators for your advertising campaigns:

Public poster pillars

Individuals, cultural institutions and other non-profit institutions can place announcements on these pillars by means of playbills or posters.


  • The part below the edge of the pillars may be covered with posters.
  • Intended for communications from individuals, cultural institutions and non-profit organizations (no commercial advertising).
  • Please take each other into account and do not hang posters on top of other posters.
  • Don’t hang unlimited posters.
  • Only stick posters on the poster pillars, hanging them anywhere else is prohibited.
  • Discriminatory and racist slogans are not allowed.
  • Do not remove the foil.


  • Shopping centre Camminghaburen
  • Shopping centre Bilgaard
  • Harlingerstraatweg-Poptawei
  • Shopping centre Nijlân
  • Shopping centre Cambuurplein
  • Stationsplein
  • Zuiderplein
  • Arendstuin
  • Vrouwenpoortsbrug
  • Verlaatsbrug
  • Rengerslaan (in planning)

Outdoor advertising on gullies, tiles, street/play furniture, etc.

Requests for these forms of advertising are consistently rejected, except for modest attributions of sponsors of charities or public facilities.

Industry signage

Industrial signage is not formally an advertisement, but a public facility. Because this signage has much in common with the subject of advertising, this subject has been included in the advertising policy “Eye for Advertising”.

An industrial signage system is present at various business parks in the City of Leeuwarden. If that is the case, you cannot set up your own signage boards, but you must use the unified signage system.

If there is no industrial signage on your business park and you would like to install it, you will need an environmental permit.

Questions or need help?

For questions, more information and to apply for an environmental permit, go to the Procedure for applying or reporting an environmental permit page.


Laws and regulations

The following regulations can be found on the website Overheid.nl (local):

  • Advertising policy ‘Eye for Advertising’
  • Rules displays Leeuwarden