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Conditions for a Bed and Breakfast

You need an environmental permit to run a Bed and Breakfast. You will however have to meet the following requirements:

  • a maximum of 30% of the total combined ground floor area of the home (including the annexes and outbuildings), up to a maximum of 50 m², may be furnished for the facility.
  • a maximum of four sleeping places in no more than two separated rooms may be used for overnight accommodation.
  • the operator is the main resident and must actually live there.
  • the rooms form part of the main building or an annex or extension forming part of it.
  • advertising in the form of 1 name indication or logo with a length of no more than 1 metre and a surface area of no more than 0.50 m² in the form of non-protrusive facade advertising is permitted and such signs must not be illuminated.
  • the activity must not lead to parking and traffic congestion.
  • the activity must not cause nuisance or inconvenience to the residential environment.
  • The assessment of the degree of nuisance should also include the type of housing and the character of the neighbourhood or district.
  • sufficient storage space must remain in or near the home.

Questions or need help?

For questions, more information and to apply for an environmental permit, go to the Procedure for applying or reporting an environmental permit page. The application form to apply for the permit is: ‘Exception from environmental plan rules – Permit application (Local Authority)’.

Laws and regulations

The following regulations can be found on the website Overheid.nl (local):

  • Policy rule “Bed and Breakfast in Leeuwarden 2016.