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Following a study programme or returning to school

Choosing a course of studies

Are you between 18 and 23 and not sure where your talents and abilities lie? Are you finding it hard to choose a programme of studies? If so, study advice could help You can take various tests at the Regional Early School Leaving Reporting and Coordination Centre (RMC). A test shows your qualities and gives you information about study programmes you can do. You will find more information at the website of RMC.

Do your own research first?

For more information, see the website Studiekeuze123 Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven (Collaboration organization Vocational Education Business (SBB)) for senior secondary vocational education (MBO).

Prefer personalised study advice?

Contact the City of Leeuwarden and ask for the youth team. We will call you back.

Leaving school (RMC)

Have you left or do you want to leave school? If so, you may need to discuss this with the Regional Reporting and Coordination Function for early school leaving (RMC).

What does the RMC do?

  • The RMC helps you find a school, work or a combination of the two.
  • The RMC will try to help you gain qualifications. The RMC will work with you to find the highest level of education suitable for you.
  • The RMC helps you find the school that suits you best. This offers you a good start on the labour market.
  • The RMC is for young people up to the age of 23.

Starting qualification

You are known to the RMC if you are between 18 and 23 years old, are not in school and do not have a starting qualification. You have a starting qualification if you have a certificate for at least senior secondary education (HAVO) or senior secondary vocational education (MBO) level 2.

More information?

You will find more information at the website of RMC.

Are you entitled to an allowance?

You are under the age of 27

Do you receive benefits from the City of Leeuwarden and want to go back to school? We first look into whether you can return to school. This is laid down in the Participation Act. The Participation Act lists all your rights and obligations when you apply for or receive benefits. Can you go back to school, and are you entitled to student allowance? If so, you are probably not entitled to welfare benefits.

You are aged between 18 and 30

Are you attending MBO, HBO or university? Or planning to start an MBO or HBO programme? You may be eligible for an allowance for your studies. This is called student allowance. You will find more information at the website of DUO. You can apply to DUO for student allowance. DUO has its own YouTube channel with information videos to help you.

You are under the age of 56

You may be able to borrow money for a course of studies. This is called the ‘Levenlanglerenkrediet’ (lifelong learning credit). You will find more information about the conditions, how much you can borrow and repayments on the DUO website. You can also make an application on the website.

How to find a school in your neighbourhood

All schools in the Netherlands are listed on the DUO website. We have broken this down for you by ‘type of education’:

Refresher courses and retraining

Course of studies, diploma or certificate required

Do you need extra training or a certificate for a job? This could be a first aid certificate, forklift truck certificate or taxi pass. You can usually obtain these qualifications through a short study programme, training programme or course. Short courses are available to find out if you are suitable for the job you are looking for, or for the job you already have. Some professions definitely require you to have followed a certain study programme for the job. For other professions, you do not necessarily need to do a training course, but taking one will improve your chances of getting a job. You are not eligible for student allowance for a short training programme, education programme or course. Usually, you have to pay the costs yourself. In some cases, someone else contributes. That could be your employer, the UWV Employment Agency, the local authority or your health insurer. Carefully check the costs before embarking on an education or training course.

Frisian education programmes

For more information about the education programmes available in Friesland, see the website Fryslânwerkt.

Work-study programmes

You can follow work-study programmes with the Beroeps Begeleidende Leerweg (Supervised occupational learning pathway (BBL).

  • You work more than you are at school. That means you learn mainly in practice.
  • You go to college for one or two days a week. You work on the other days. That means you have less contact with fellow students and more with colleagues.
  • You can only do BBL training if your employer is an official training company.
  • You usually receive a salary from your employer and are not entitled to student grant or a public transport pass.
  • Some employers offer travel expenses.

Do you want to do BBL training? If so, you will need a work placement with an employer.

You will find more information on the following websites:

More information and assistance

Get in touch with your contact at the City of Leeuwarden.

No contact at the City of Leeuwarden?

Go to your local buurt- of dorpskamer (community centre). Or Contact the City of Leeuwarden