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Dogs on a lead

Within the municipality of Leeuwarden, your dog must be kept on a lead at all times. We monitor compliance with this rule. You may face a fine if you allow your dog to run loose.

Off-lead areas

You will find the areas where dogs are allowed to run loose on the Map of off-lead areas.

Rules for areas off-lead areas.

  • You must have your dog properly under control.
  • Be mindful of others in the area.
  • Clear up dog mess.
  • When you leave the off-lead area, close the gate and put your dog back on the lead.

Please note the following in off-leash areas adjacent to water:

  • That the dog does not go into the water in all ditches and waters. This is allowed at dog beaches.
  • The water quality of water adjacent to off-leash areas is not guaranteed, so make sure your dog does not drink from it.
  • Check in advance whether your dog can get out of the water easily.

Places where dogs are not allowed

  • In fields were there are or may be cattle. Cows are made ill by dog faeces and can miscarry as a result.
  • Children’s playgrounds, sandpits or playing fields.
  • The beach, recreation area and nature reserve from March 1 to November 1.

Licensed guide dogs are allowed in all these places, but must be kept on a lead.

Clearing up dog mess

As a dog owner, you are obliged to clean up your dog mess. If you have a guide dog or social assistance dog due to a disability or limitation, you do not have to clean up your dog’s dog waste according to the rules of the General Local Ordinance (APV).

Where and how can you dispose of dog mess?

  • With a plastic bag: in your own grey container.
  • Blue waste container with or without a lid: deposit dog mess in a plastic bag.
  • Underground silver-coloured Gepp container: these dog mess bins are connected to the sewer. Would you like to use a bag? If you want to use a bag, use a degradable bag (biobags) to prevent the sewer becoming blocked.

Complaints or reports

Report or complaint about a Gepp bin?

Submit your report or complaint via the QR code on the Gepp bin itself. Or please contact Gepp.

Report or complaint about a blue waste bin with or without a lid?

Please report the complaint to the City of Leeuwarden.

Dog tax

As a dog owner, you usually pay dog tax. You will find more information on the Dog tax page.