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Are you unable to register or deregister online?

Unable to register

Download and complete the Dog tax return form (PDF, 114.45 KB). Send the form to the gemeente Leeuwarden. You can also hand it in at the Town Hall.

Unable to deregister

Download and complete the Unsubscribe from dog tax form (PDF, 105.52 KB). Send the form to the gemeente Leeuwarden. You can also hand it in at the Town Hall.

How to pay dog tax?

You can pay the dog tax assessment in various ways:

  • You authorise the local authority with a direct debit mandate.
  • You can apply for a tax payment schedule.
  • You transfer the amount of the assessment to us yourself. You will need the following information:
    • Account number: NL10BNGH0285100343;
    • In the name of: City of Leeuwarden;
    • description: tax assessment number and subject number.

Are you paying from abroad?

Note the BIC number: BNGHNL2G. Please note that the amount may take longer to reach us.

When do you pay dog tax?

When do you not pay dog tax?

  • Your dog has been trained and deployed as a guide dog and is kept by a blind person.
  • Your dog has been trained and used as a dog for the disabled and is kept by someone with a disability.
  • The dog lives in a dog shelter.
  • You have at least three dogs that you keep temporarily to sell or deliver. As referred to in Article 3.7(1) of the Animal Keepers Decree.
  • Your dog is under three months old and living with the mother dog.
  • The dog belongs to someone outside the district. And does not live in the City of Leeuwarden for more than three months in the tax year.
  • As a dog owner, you live in the outlying area

More situations and information can be found in the ‘Leeuwarden Dog Tax Regulation’.

Kennel fee

If you have several dogs, you sometimes pay the kennel fee instead of the ‘regular’ dog tax. This is only possible if your kennel is registered with the Raad van beheer op kynologisch Gebied (Board of Directors in the field of kennels).

What is the dog tax used for?

Proceeds from the dog tax are used for purposes including:

  • Keeping neighbourhoods and villages clean.
  • Providing enough places to walk your dog(s).

Door-to-door checks

We regularly check whether residents keep a dog. Inspectors from Legitiem BV do these checks for us. Are you not at home when the inspector comes to your door? And the inspector sees or hears a dog. In that case, the inspector reports the presence of your dog. You will receive a dog tax assessment.


  • 1st dog € 81.90.00
  • 2nd dog € 122.85.00
  • 3rd dog and next dog € 163.80.00
  • Kennel € 245.70.00

These are annual charges.

Laws and regulations

The following laws can be found on the website Overheid.nl (national):

  • Municipalities Act

The following regulations can be found on the website Overheid.nl (local):

  • Dog Tax Ordinance Leeuwarden