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Global Goals

On Heldendag (‘heroes day’), Leeuwarden draws attention to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 goals, adopted exactly 5 years ago on that day by all UN member states, constitute a global agenda for a fairer, more sustainable and better world by 2030. By being a Global Goals local authority, Leeuwarden shows that it values these goals highly and actively contributes to them.


Fairtrade Municipality

Leeuwarden has had the title of Fairtrade Municipality since 2017. Together with involved residents (volunteers) and entrepreneurs, we want to encourage fair trade and sustainable use. For example, we participate in the national campaign of the Fairtrade Municipalities Foundation.

For more information visit website Fairtrade City of Leeuwarden and the website FaireLeeuwarden.

Local heroes

But the local authority cannot make that contribution alone. It does this together with all residents, businesses and organisations in the city and surrounding area. On 23 September, the local authority will be thanking and spotlighting the people who, on their own initiative, contribute to a more sustainable world. That is why the local authority is naming a number of ‘local heroes’ on that day for the fifth time. These are people, initiatives or organisations that selflessly make the world a little more sustainable every day and bring the achievement of the Global Goals a little closer.


Nominate your hero

The local authority would like to select these heroes together with you, the people of Leeuwarden. The local authority calls on all Leeuwarden residents to nominate sustainable initiatives, organisations and individuals for the Hero of 2023. These could be people working towards reducing poverty, achieving cleaner energy, better education, greater gender equality, biodiversity and much more.

Heroes Day

Want to shine a spotlight on local heroes? That is something we have always done on Vlaggendag (‘flag day’). However, since this year we celebrate the fifth anniversary of Vlaggendag, we have decided to take a broader approach. Not only will the Local Heroes be singled out: the Fairtrade certificates will also be awarded on that day. That means that the whole of Saturday 23 September will be to celebrate heroes. Heroes in all shapes and sizes! That is why we have given it a new name: Heroes Day.

Nominate your hero for 2023

The City of Leeuwarden is also looking for Local Heroes for 2023. Do you know a person, organisation or company that fits the above description? If so, send an email no later than 21 July to heldendag@leeuwarden.nl with containing your own contact details, the person or body you are nominating and why you are nominating them.

The heroes of 2022

The heroes of 2021

The heroes of 2020

The heroes of 2019

What we are already doing

  • The city executive programme of the City of Leeuwarden bases its approach on the Global Goals. It does this (among other things) by promising to work towards:
    • inclusive education
    • reducing social and economic inequality
    • protecting eco systems
  • Other policy documents incorporate the Global Goals wherever possible.
  • We work together with civil society organisations, civic initiatives, knowledge institutions, educational institutions and the business community. This is clearly visible at various campuses.
  • We are the only Dutch local authority that participates in the UN Global Compact Network.
  • RUG/Campus Fryslân students look into the question of how serious we are about the Global Goals.