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I have questions about upbringing and parenting

Do you have questions about, for example, poor sleeping patterns, toddlers’ eating behaviour, bullying at school, making your child media-savvy, dealing with divorce or difficult adolescent behaviour? Put your question to the ‘Opvoedpunt Leeuwarden’.

Here you will find educational social workers who can answer your questions or discuss parenting with you.

I would like help with upbringing/parenting

Go to your local buurt- of dorpskamer (community centre). Or Contact the City of Leeuwarden

It has become clear that I need more specialist youth services

The Amaryllis social worker will refer you to the City of Leeuwarden’s Youth Expert Team. They have an overview of the youth services purchased by the local authority. We also refer to these purchased youth services as ‘Care in Kind’. This means that the local authority arranges these youth services and takes care of the administrative matters for you.

What is the Youth Expert Team?

The City of Leeuwarden has a Youth Expert Team. This team consists of Youth Service Counsellors. They collaborate with other agencies. They ensure that effective youth services are provided.

Urgent applications

Life-threatening situation?

  • Call 112.

Domestic violence or child abuse or suspicions in that direction?

In urgent need of youth services?

  • Call the emergency service ‘Spoed4Jeugd’ on 0800 – 7763345. They are available day and night.
  • You will find more information on the website of ‘Spoed4Jeugd’.
  • ‘Spoed4Jeugd’ offers urgent (youth) services in crisis situations in Friesland. Caused by behavioural problems parenting problems, family problems or mental health problems.

More information?

You will find more information on the page Youth Services.