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Reserve a mooring, loading or unloading place

Contact harbour master Robert Rinzema:

  • Telephone: 06-43365221
  • E-mail robert.rinzema@leeuwarden.nl

The harbour master also provides information on subjects such as maximum dimensions and maximum draught of ships.

Loading and unloading quays

Some quays are open to the public. The others are reserved for companies.

  • Junokade (public quay)
  • Lorentzkade (public quay)
  • Loading and unloading firm Hoogland
  • Unloading quay for water treatment (sludge waste)
  • Koopmans flour factories
  • Van Harinxmakanaal: tin reclamation plant
  • Zwettehaven
  • Container terminal ‘M.C.S.’
  • Connecting canal
  • Kalkhaven

Register or de-register your vessel

Moorings for seagoing vessels in Leeuwarden are available in the Port Community System (PCS). Your seagoing vessel is reported directly in the PCS for the destination port.

Seagoing vessel registration and deregistration during office hours

Register or de-register your vessel within 15 minutes during office hours. Someone will actively take note of the incoming messages.

Registering or de-registering seagoing vessels outside office hours

For urgent reports, contact the Port of Harlingen Traffic Station. Telephone 0517-412512.

More information about electronic registration?

Contact Port of Harlingen during office hours by calling 0517-723 333. Or send an email to haven@portofharlingen.nl.


Description/location Calculation
Per quantity Period and rate, not including VAT
Freighter, tug,
floating vessel
Loading capacity 100 tonnes Per 7 days € 12.21.
Per 14 days € 17.67.
Per 21 days € 21.01.
Per month € 27.10.
Per quarter € 71.18.
Per six months € 132.15.
Per year € 264.34.
Passenger vessel Surface area 100 m2 Per 7 days € 13.43.

Per 14 days € 19.44.
Per 21 days € 23.11.

1 month € 29.81.
Per quarter € 78.30.
Per six months € 145.36.
1 year € 290.77.

Charter vessel at locations Prinsentuin, Noordersingel and Westerplantage in Leeuwarden, Pikmeerhaven (A and B
jetties), FRO quay, Nieuwe Kade and Suderkade in Grou Pikmeerhaven (A and B jetties), FRO quay, Nieuwe Kade and
Suderkade in Grou
Vessel length Per day from April to November € 1.62.
Charter vessel at the Snekertrekweg/Harlingertrekweg site Vessel length m1 Per day from April to November € 0.70.
Per month from April to November € 8.
Per quarter from April tot November € 20.05.
Per six months from April tot November € 37.50.
Charter vessel, entire city of Leeuwarden Vessel length m1 Per day from November to April € 0.61.
Per month from November to April € 4.84.
Per quarter from November tot April € 11.09.
Per six months from November to April € 14.29.