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How to object?

WOZ value, OZB, Sewerage Levy, Waste Collection Tax, Dog tax, Encroachment tax (houseboats)

You can object via the Digital Tax Office. You will need DigiD.

Parking tax, Encroachment tax (road use), Interment Fees, Tourist tax, Water tourist tax

You can file an objection via form Objection to local taxes. You cannot object to the level of RIO and AFV fees.

Objecting through no-cure no-pay companies is not free of charge

Many companies offer to object to the WOZ value ‘free of charge’. This is called ‘no-cure no-pay’.

Submitting an objection through a No-cure no-pay company is not really free.

If an objection is correct and a company has made an objection on your behalf, the local authority must pay a fee to that company. The no-cure-no-pay company in fact earns a lot of money from the local authority.

Ultimately, you also pay for that.

The local authority has to pay this fee for the no-cure-no-pay companies from somewhere. This forces us to raise tax rates.

Do you have to pay the assessment first or not?

You must first pay the property tax assessment (OZB).

You do not have to pay the parking fine (additional assessment) until a decision is made.

Is ‘notice of disposition’ stated on your tax assessment? Wait until you receive a giro slip from the Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB). The payment slip will tell you how to file an objection. This is also stated on the fine itself.

When will you receive a decision on your objection?

No later than 31 December of the year in which you objected.

Have you objected after 19 November? In that case, you will receive a decision within 6 weeks.