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Facts, figures and studies

A lot of data can be found at Leeuwarden in Figures. It includes population data and housing figures. Some examples of data that can be found through Leeuwarden in figures:

More facts, figures and studies

There are several sources where you can find information on facts, figures and studies. These sources are divided into sources for data from the City of Leeuwarden only and data from national sources.

The City of Leeuwarden:

  • Safety performance index
    • Information about the security situation of Leeuwarden and its neighbourhoods.
  • Sociale Index
    • Information about the social state of your neighbourhood.
  • Youth Monitor
    • Information about ‘the state’ of youth in Leeuwarden.
  • Poverty monitor
    • Information about the extent and composition of poverty issues.
  • District surveys
    • The City of Leeuwarden conducts a large survey by questionnaire among its own residents every year. Each year focuses on different questions. The results of the surveys can be found on Leeuwarden in figures, for example under the heading published reports.

National sources:

  • Waarstaatjegemeente.nl
    • Comparing local authority performance with several other local authorities.
  • LISA
    • Employment composition.
  • CBS StatLine
    • General statistical information on local authorities through themes Netherlands regional.
  • Climate monitor
    • Information on sustainability figures.

Other data:

If you are looking for data that you cannot find in the above sources, please send an email to statistiek@leeuwarden.nl. You can also use this mail address for questions, explanations or additional clarifications.

Open Data

To do our work as well as possible, we as the City of Leeuwarden collect data. This data can also be valuable and interesting to others, such as residents, businesses, organisations, journalists and researchers.

We therefore make data available as much as possible at our own:

This data is released for reuse by third parties without restrictive conditions. Other (external) sources of Open Data are:

Do you want to participate in surveys yourself?

You can contribute to the residential and living climate of the City of Leeuwarden by participating in the Digital Citizens’ Panel Leeuwarden.