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Damage caused by a road sweeping vehicle

If a road sweeping vehicle has punctured your tyre, for example, contact Omrin. Road sweeping vehicles are not owned by the local authority

How do I know if my losses will be compensated?

The losses will be compensated if they have indeed been caused by the local authority’s acts or omissions. The local authority or its insurer will assess your application.

You will receive notification within eight weeks.

Costs incurred due to a sewer clearance company

If the blockage was caused by a broken or subsided sewer connection on the local authority’s land you can ask the sewer clearance company for compensation using the form ‘Aansprakelijkstelling in verband met schade’ (notice of liability for losses). You will need to attach the video of the sewer clearance company.

If you are unable or unwilling to apply online, contact the