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Free door-to-door newspaper ‘Huis aan Huis’

Weekly magazine De Huis aan Huis contains the ‘Notifications’ of the City of Leeuwarden. For example, notifications about permits applied for and granted. You can read more detailed information under the heading ‘Notifications’ on this page.

Huis aan Huis not received

You can still read the Huis aan Huis in various ways:

Local authority magazine

We publish news items, announcements of information meetings, building permits, felling permits and other messages via the local authority magazine.

Government Gazette

Spatial plans, traffic decrees and other notifications are published in the Government Gazette.

You can view and respond to spatial plans that are still in progress.

What is a spatial plan

A spatial plan specifies what may be done with the space in the district. Examples are a zoning plan, amendment plan and some environmental permits.

A spatial plan also states where shops, restaurants and businesses may be located and how large buildings may be.

Laws and regulations

You will find the laws and regulations of the City of Leeuwarden at the website Overheid.nl.

How does it work?

  • Enter the postal code under ‘Search by location’. For example 8913.
  • Enter the title of the law and regulation you are looking for under ‘Word or phrase’. For example General Local Regulation
  • Click on ‘Search’. Multiple pages of “Search results” may appear.

Central register for joint arrangements

Joint arrangements are collaborations between several governments. For example local and provincial authorities and water boards.

View central register

You can view the central register online.

No longer a local registry

Since 2021, the local authority has no longer been required to keep a register for joint arrangements locally.

The central register is the place for all information about joint regulations (GRs).

The GRs themselves must keep track of information about their arrangements. This does not apply if the GR is a city centre arrangement. This is an arrangement in which no organisation is established. In that case, the designated source-holding local or provincial authority must keep the data in the central register.

How the Overheid.nl website works

  • Go to https://www.overheid.nl/berichten-over-uw-buurt
  • Under ‘Search term’, enter the file number of the notification from the Huis aan Huis (for example 11015644).
  • Enter your post code under ‘postal code’.
  • Under ‘Distance’, choose ‘Entire municipality’ and click on ‘Search’.
  • Click on the title of the search result and you will find all the information.

Register with an email address at Overheid.nl

  • Go to https://www.overheid.nl/berichten-over-uw-buurt#meld-u-aan-voor-de-e-mailservice.
  • Enter your postal code and house number.
  • Choose what information you want to receive.
  • Enter the distance of this address within which you want to receive notifications.
  • Indicate from which authorities you want to receive notifications.
  • Check your details and sign in.

Questions or need help?

Please contact the City of Leeuwarden.