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What are the conditions?

  • You are registered at the address for which you are applying for a permit or exemption.
  • Parking restrictions apply in the area where you live. For example, through paid parking, permit holder parking or a blue zone.
  • The car for which you are applying for a licence is registered in your name. It is also sufficient for you to present a lease contract or a statement from your employer.
  • On-site parking is not possible.

The following additional rules apply

  • A maximum of 2 parking permits will be issued per address.
  • For Leeuwarden city centre, the maximum is 1 parking permit per address.
  • A parking permit or parking exemption is valid from the time of application or renewal, until 31 December of that year.
  • You must renew your licence or exemption every year. The local authority will send you a letter about this.

Parking, requesting direct debit

You can request an automatic renewal of your parking permit or entry exemption online.

How does it work?

  • Log in with your DigiD.
  • Click on your name at the top right of the screen.
  • Under Financial Details, enter the IBAN number of your bank account.
  • For preferred payment method, select ‘direct debit’.
  • Check the box for direct debit authorisation.
  • Click on agree and save.

What are the conditions?

  • The direct debit applicant is the account holder of the bank account given.


  • We will debit the amount around 21 December.
  • Your parking permit or entry exemption is automatically renewed for the following year.
  • Has the direct debit failed because there is not enough money in your account, for example? In that case, you will receive a letter asking you to reapply for the parking permit or entry exemption and pay in a different way.
  • Do you want to change the bank account number, withdraw the authorisation or not renew the parking permit or exemption? If so, send an email to parkeren@leeuwarden.nl

Discounts for parking in car parks

If you live in the city centre, you get a 50% discount on a subscription to the car parks. For more information, please contact Parkeergarages Leeuwarden on 058-2128005 or via the website of Parking garages Leeuwarden.

Change or cancel

A permit or exemption is valid for 1 license plate. Has your car been sold, or are you temporarily driving a loan car? Cancel or amend your licence or exemption.

Send an e-mail to parkeren@leeuwarden.nl. You can also write a letter or apply in person at the Town Hall.

What to enclose?

A copy of your new registration certificate. Or ask for a statement from the garage, for example. This proves that you are the temporary user of this car.

Moving house

The Parking Department will automatically be notified if you move house and notify the Civil Affairs Department. We will let you know when your new address is in the parking system.

Scratch cards for visitors

A scratch card allows your visitor to park 1 car, in the blue zone, without a parking disc.

Do you live in a blue zone in Leeuwarden?

Buy your scratch cards online. You can do so via the link at the top of this page. You can pay by iDeal or credit card.

  • The scratch card only applies in the blue zone where you live.
  • You can buy a minimum of 10 scratch cards at a time and a maximum of 150 per year per address. After buying them, you can use them for up to 3 years.

Do you live in a blue zone in Grou?

If so, you cannot buy scratch cards for visitors.

How do you use a scratch card?

You can see how many scratch cards you have on your overview page. When you have a visit, click ‘change’ on 1 of the scratch cards you have not yet used. Then follow the instructions.

Parking a caravan, motorhome, folding trailer or trailer

  • Your caravan, motorhome, folding trailer or trailer may not be parked on public roads for more than 3 days within built-up areas.
  • You may not park a caravan, folding trailer or trailers in parking spaces for permit holders or where you have to pay a parking fee
  • You are not permitted to park motorhomes parking spaces.for permit holders.
  • Within built-up areas, the same parking rules apply to caravans, motorhomes, folding trailers and trailers as to other vehicles.
  • You may not park a trailer with advertising on public roads in the City of Leeuwarden.

Entry exemption for low-traffic city centre

Do you live in the low-traffic city centre? If so, in addition to a parking permit or parking exemption, you also need an entry exemption. You will find more information on how to apply for an entry exemption on the page Entry exemption low-traffic city centre.

More information

Contact the City of Leeuwarden or send an email to parkeren@leeuwarden.nl.

Charges and maps

Parking permit/exemption Costs per year
Zones 1 to 5 In the name of a resident in the settlement zone within the centre, for parking in the spaces at permit holder spaces or parking equipment spaces. € 248.00
Zones 6 to 10 In the name of a resident in the settlement zone within the centre, for parking in the spaces at permit holder spaces or parking equipment spaces. € 124.00
Blue zone In the name of a resident in the business zone within a (blue) parking disc zone. € 23.50
Grou In the name of a resident in the settlement zone. € 31.80
Wergea In the name of a resident in the settlement zone. € 23.50
Scratch cards Visitor cards (scratch cards) for residents of a parking disc zone (blue zone) are available per 10 scratch cards. € 6.10
House boats In the name of a houseboat resident on the Harlingertrekweg (the paid parking section) or the Oostersingel (the permit holder parking section). € 23.50

Parking zones in Leeuwarden

Parking zones in Leeuwarden