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License plate parking with your debit card

  • Park your car.
  • Enter your license plate number at the parking meter. The parking metre automatically deletes your data after 48 hours.
  • There is no need to put a parking ticket in the car.
  • You can print out a receipt at the payment terminal.

Have you received a parking fine because you entered the wrong license plate number? Complete the digital form Wrong licence plate. You will need DigiD.

Call parking or mobile parking with a parking app

You pay parking fees via an app on your phone. You can find the parking providers on the compare mobile parking website. You start and stop parking time via text message, app or by calling. With call parking, you never pay too much parking fee. Nor will you be fined for not paying enough.

  • Park your car.
  • There is a number on every parking machine with a mobile phone number.
  • Start your parking time by entering the parking meter number in the app on your phone.
  • There is no need to put a parking ticket in the car.
  • End the parking time by opening the app and checking out your parking action.

Parking in a multi-storey car park

Parking rates and parking times may vary from one car park to another. A list of all car parks, rates and times can be found on the website of Parking garages Leeuwarden.

Parking in a blue zone

Use a parking disc if you park in a blue-zone area. You may park for a maximum of 2 hours in a blue zone. This applies to the following days and times:

  • Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm.
  • Late shopping evenings until 10 pm. Thursday night is the regular late shopping evening in Leeuwarden.

Outside these times, a parking disc is not required.

Parking spaces in blue zone area 8917

In this area, you use a parking disc and pay at the parking machine.

Parking at a P+R location

  • P+R Kalverdijkje
    • Free parking.
    • Reached using bus line 3.
  • P+R Wijnhornsterstraat
    • Behind the railway (NS) station.
    • Paid parking
    • The city centre is at an 8-minute walking distance. Or you can take a taxi or the bus.

Coach parking

  • Passengers embark and disembark at Oldehoofsterkerkhof, or at Lange Marktstraat.
  • Afterwards, park your coach in the car park on Dirk Zeperweg, or on Fonteinland. You buy a parking ticket for each coach.

Low-traffic city centre entry exemption

The north-western part of Leeuwarden’s city centre is a low-traffic zone. This means motor vehicles are not allowed to enter without an entry exemption. More information can be found on page entry exemption for low-traffic city centre.

Parking zones

Parking zones in Leeuwarden

Parking zones Leeuwarden