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Which areas can you adopt?

The map shows which cleaning areas are available for adoption. There are a total of 200 areas. You can choose how many areas you want to keep clean.

Who can take part?

All civil society organisations with a Chamber of Commerce (KVK) number in the City of Leeuwarden can sign up. Everyone can take part in the litter cleanup, young and old. Children too, if accompanied by an adult (up to 4 children per adult).

What is a civil society organization?

Schools, associations and other forms of affiliation, consisting of more than 1 person, working together for a good cause, without a profit motive. These include village and neighborhood associations, churches and other foundations.

Registered. What happens next?

The City of Leeuwarden will contact you once you have registered.

How much time does it take to clean an area?

On average, 6.5 hours a month. That is 75 hours a year. You can arrange these hours yourself. Children’s help counts according to the 2=1 principle. This means that 2 hours of help by 1 child is counted as 1 hour of work by an adult. For example:

  • Once a month, 3 adults, with 7 to 9 children, do a 1-hour round.
  • Once a month, 6 or 7 adults do a 1-hour round.
  • Twice a month, 3 or 4 adults do a 1-hour round.
  • Twice a month, 2 adults, with 2 to 4 children, do a 1-hour round.

What else do we expect?

Organise a clean-up activity with your association or school in your clean-up area(s) at least once a month. Per cleaning area, you spend about 75 man hours per year on this.

Publicise your clean-up activities to everyone at least once a month. This can be done through social media or a newsletter, for example. This way, you encourage others in the area to keep the area clean and tidy.

You are expected to keep the area clean throughout the year. Also in the holiday period. Make sure there are enough people available in your team so that someone can always step in as a replacement.

Questions and Answers

I’m unable or unwilling to sign in online.

Contact the City of Leeuwarden.

I do not have a Chamber of Commerce number

Without a Chamber of Commerce number, you will not be regarded as a civil society organisation.

When will I receive the payment of €750 per year per cleaning area?

The payment is made in 2 parts; in spring and in autumn.

Why is one area bigger than another?

We know from experience that some areas have more litter than others. This has to do, for example, with the presence of recreational activities, catering, education, supermarkets, hiking trails or cycling routes. Those areas are smaller.
Also, there is more private land in some areas than others. You clean only the publicly accessible parts of your cleaning area(s). Private individuals and businesses are responsible for litter on their own premises.

Can we jointly adopt a cleaning area?

Yes. As long as you make proper arrangements together and we as a local authority have only one point of contact.

My question is not listed on this page.

You might find your question is in the document More FAQs Schoon Belonen. Or Contact the City of Leeuwarden.