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The correspondence address provider gives you your post.

The correspondence address provider is the person or institution registered at the correspondence address. The correspondence address provider sees to it that you receive your post. Correspondence could include a tax form or a voting pass.

Reasons to apply for a correspondence address

  • You have no residential address because:
    • you are homeless;
    • you are moving to your next residential address within three months;
    • you live abroad for less than eight months a year;
    • you are staying abroad for less than two years. And you work on a vessel with its home port in the Netherlands.
  • You live in a care institution, a prison or a women’s refuge.
  • For safety reasons. This is decided at the harbour master’s discretion.

You apply to the local authority for a correspondence address. Make an appointment for this and we will check your eligibility together.

What to take with you

  • Your proof of identity. This can be an ID card, passport or driver’s licence.
  • The correspondence address provider comes with you in person.