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About the project

Disconnecting homes from the gas network calls for other energy sources. The ‘Leeuwarder Energy Agenda’ identifies aquathermal systems as a promising source. aquathermal systems heat and cool your home using heat and cold from surface water.

How do we do this?

We will test through a pilot in Baard whether aquathermal systems can also form a good and sustainable alternative to natural gas. Energy cooperative Grieneko is our sub-partner in this project. Grieneko will undertake the actual implementation of this project with the installation of the aquathermal systems. We are working together with 21 other partners from north-western Europe, all of which have different tasks within this project. Water Warmth falls within the Interreg North Sea Region programme.


Project partners

  • Province of Friesland
  • Warm Heeg BV
  • City of Leeuwarden
  • Grieneko
  • Municipality of De Fryske Marren
  • TU Delft – building and architecture faculty
  • TU Delft – Engineering, Administration and Management faculty
  • Builders Ecole d ingenieurs (France)
  • Universite Le Havre Normandie (France)
  • ESIGELEC Ecole d’Ingénieurs Généralistes (France)
  • City of Kortijk (Belgium)
  • University of Applied Sciences West Vlaanderen (Belgium)
  • Energent Coöperatieve Vennootschap (Belgium)
  • City of Mechelen (Belgium)
  • Healthcare business Rivierenland (Belgium)
  • European Heat Pump Association AISBL (Belgium)
  • EXTRAQT (Belgium)
  • Danish Board of District Heating (Denmark)
  • Aalborg CSP (Denmark)
  • Middelfart Kommune (Denmark)
  • Lund University – Centre for Sustainability Studies (Sweden)
  • Hamburgisches WeltWirtschaftsInstitut gemeinnützigeGmbH (Germany)

Project period

June 2023 – March 2027