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About the project

We want to help companies in Leeuwarden sell their products and services to foreign countries. We do this because companies that are up to the task are better competitors. And better able to cope with changes in the economy.

How do we achieve that?

Various parties are working together to come up with new rules and approaches. These should make it easier for SMEs to sell their products and services abroad.

We will be organising various workshops, exchanges and study visits with our partners. Over a five-year period.

Project partners

  • City of Leeuwarden
  • Pannon Business Network Association (Hungary)
  • South Muntenia Regional Development Agency (Romania)
  • Business Development Friesland Foundation
  • Steinbeis Innovation GmbH (Germany)
  • Ave Intermunicipal Community CIM Ave (Portugal)
  • San Sebastian Socio-Economic Development Agency Ltd. (Spain)
  • Ministry of Finance (Hungary)

Project period

April 2016 to March 2023.

Total project budget

€ 1.558.771.-

More information can be found on website UpGradeSME.