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About the project

Business parks are known for having lots of bricks and little greenery. As a result, they quickly become very hot during hot summers, and are quickly affected by flooding during heavy rainfall. Due to climate change, this is happening more and more often.

How do we do this?

The Hemrik also suffers from this problem. Leeuwarden wants to be climate adaptive by 2035. That means we can cope well with hot summers or heavy rainfall. We aim to achieve this by greening the Hemrik, among other things. In total, we want to replace 10,000m2 of bricks with greenery and trees. We also want to build a ‘WADI’. A WADI is a green ditch that stores rainwater and purifies it, after which the water goes back into the subsoil. That is how the WADI helps against flooding and drought. We also want to recruit a ‘green coach’ who will advise businesses free of charge on what they can do on their own land.

Project partners

  • Climate Alliance (Germany)
  • Municipality of Arnhem
  • Flux 50 (Belgium)
  • Hessian Agency for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology (Germany)
  • Lille European Metropolis (France)
  • Sandyford Business District (Ireland)
  • Bonn Science Shop (Germany)
  • Gemeente Leeuwarden
  • Municipality of Singen (Germany)

Project period

May 2023 – July 2026

Total project budget

€ 7,850,000