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Vision of Europe

Where the European Union and Leeuwarden share the same goals, we can gain a lot from each other. That is why we work with European partners in areas where we share the same goal. For example, by exchanging knowledge with each other.

We share our own expertise with European partners

For example, about:

  • water technology
  • agriculture
  • recycling
  • energy
  • culture

Another way we cooperate with the EU

By working with other European cities or regions (European-funded), to start projects. This is how we and the EU help each other achieve each other’s goals.

European cooperation is not an end in itself

It is a way of achieving our own goals. The EU can help us implement our own plans faster, better or less expensively.

European Agenda 2022-2026

The Europe Agenda 2022-2026 sets out the issues on which we want to cooperate with the EU in the coming period.

The Europa Agenda is developed every 2 years. We call this a project portfolio. This sets out which projects we want to cooperate with the EU or other foreign partners on.

European projects

On the European Projects page, you will find the European projects we are currently participating in.


Want to know more about Leeuwarden’s European policy? Or do you want to work with us on an international project? Send an e-mail to EU coordinator Anke Hoekstra at anke.hoekstra@leeuwarden.nl.