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Permanent membership

Membership of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network is permanent. However, Leeuwarden must however continue to meet the requirements during the audit. This audit is conducted every 4 years. Membership offers opportunities to exchange writers, poets and translators with other cities, for example. But also sharing knowledge and experience on literature and multilingualism. The emphasis here is on Frisian. This makes Leeuwarden especially attractive to cultural tourists.

The multilingual goals of Leeuwarden UNESCO City of Literature

The City of Leeuwarden has submitted the nomination. We are now the title bearer and are responsible for the project on behalf of the City of Leeuwarden, the Province of Friesland and LF2028.
The main goals of Leeuwarden City of Literature are:

  • Professionalisation
  • Internationalisation
  • Promoting literacy
  • Innovation

The goals are sustainable and multilingual.

Project partners

UNESCO Creative Cities

Project budget

€ 0.-

More information?

You will find more information on the website Leeuwarden City of Literature.