Quick to:

You will receive a letter from the local authority.

The letter sets out your options for help and support with money issues. This help is free of charge. In some situations, an Amaryllis social worker will contact you in person.

Do you not want the municipality to receive information about payment arrears?

Please let your energy supplier, water supplier, landlord or health insurer know. We only use the information about payment arrears to offer you help.

You are a private landlord

Would you like to participate in early detection? No problem. First you and the City of Leeuwarden must conclude a cooperation agreement.

You can find this agreement on the NVVK website. If you and the municipality sign an agreement, you will receive information from xxllnc Sociaal, an ICT company called Inforing.

You will then hear how you can then securely pass on signals of rent arrears to the municipality. More information about early detection and concluding an agreement can be found on the NVVK website.

Every month, the City of Leeuwarden receives information from more than 100 organizations about residents who have difficulty paying. The municipality then chooses who receives help via a home visit, telephone call, e-mail, text message or letter. The municipality uses the RIS system to let you know whether the person has accepted the help.

Do you have any questions?

Contact the City of Leeuwarden.